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  • glamourous hair
    Appearance Grooming

    Elegant Hairstyles & Hair

    Wearing your hair tastefully and elegantly Young Audrey. See more Audrey Hepburn Hairstyles Elegant hairstyles are more important than we think. An elegant hairstyle is more than personal grooming. It shapes…

  • elegant hair styles
    Appearance Grooming

    The Elegant Hair Styles Gallery

    A gallery of elegant hair styles. Same principles apply, together, clean and clear with hair off the face. See the elegant collection of elegant glamorous hairstyles. The principles of elegance in…

  • elegant wardrobe
    Appearance Manners & Etiquette

    Dress Etiquette

    Dress Etiquette Topics covered: clothing etiquette, dressing etiquette, clothing and dress, dressing elegant, professional dress. All about dressing elegantly. The way you dress communicates to the people around you. It tells…