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    How You Dress Says a Lot About You

    Elegant Dress

    How you dress says a lot about you. Have you considered what kind of image you are presenting to the world? Is it elegant? Quite recently, I’ve been getting quite a number of small modeling jobs. I’ve done work for Estee Lauder and Clarins, been approached by online retailers and high end hair salons to do some modeling for them, as well as little modeling jobs for independent photographic and film societies. I’ve also attended a society event, and as…

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  • Elegant Entertaining Socializing

    Party Etiquette

    Intrinsic Details of Elegant Socializing Party Etiquette For Making Friends Of Your Choice – The Elegant and Confident Way Social events are an integral part of your life. Parties are a…

  • Proper Phone Etiquette
    Manners & Etiquette Socializing

    Proper Phone Etiquette

    What is the proper phone etiquette? See proper telephone etiquette guidelines, business phone and cell phone etiquette… Phone etiquette answering calls: Always speak clearly and be articulate. If you made the…

  • society dances invitation

    Definition of Society Balls

    “Definition of Society Balls” is a continuation of the How To Be Classy series. It introduces society balls, charity balls, social dances and galas which comprises of the society social calendar.…