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Dress Etiquette Topics covered: clothing etiquette, dressing etiquette, clothing and dress, dressing elegant, professional dress.

All about dressing elegantly. The way you dress communicates to the people around you. It tells them what you think about yourself, whether you feel attractive,
how you feel about a man, how you feel about sex, how much you respect your body and probably what kind of person you are.

Your choice of clothing also shows your attitude and thoughts towards the event, person and activity. Just a quick example, how different would you dress for the queen and maybe a supermarket trip?

A person who dresses sloppily to work will make her boss think she doesn’t think her job is important. And it’s a good bet that she probably doesn’t.

So let’s start with personal grooming!

Personal Grooming

Personal grooming is the first step of dress etiquette and to dress elegant. That means a clean and clear face, with make up applied elegantly if you need it.

Your hair should be neat, with eyebrows tweezed. Hair removed in areas to give smooth legs, arms, upper lips and underarms.

Nails should be clean and polished. If you are not comfortable with long nails, I suggest you keep them short and natural looking.

There should be some colour on your cheeks or lips, and a little eyeliner enhancing the natural lines of your eyes to have a radiant look.

Clean and neat attire which include shoes, appropriate to the activity or event. See also Clothing Etiquette.

Elegant Posture

Dress etiquette also means to have good posture.

It is a challenge to look elegant with poor posture, despite being immpeccably groomed.

Good posture contributes to poise. Don’t we all always admire a lady with perfect poise? Elegant and perfecly poised – instant sophistication.

What is Poise?

The Dictionary.com – Poise is graceful and elegant bearing in a person. I paraphrase, ‘it’s like graceful movement of your body, but with a lot of style”.

Why Should We Develop Poise? It is another measure of self confidence. To know what to do in every situation.

How to Develop Poise is simply gaining self-awareness.

I often wondered how celebrities always carry themselves well all the time, and with that kind of pressure – you know everybody’s looking!
When you compare their before (they were famous) photos and now a veteran dealing with paparazzi, I can only conclude is because they now have more self-awareness. They probably correct themselves by looking at their pictures in media.
They quickly learn what looks good.

Another way to develop perfect carriage, posture and poise is the Ballet. My page Ballet For Good Posture & Developing Gracefulness writes about how Audrey Hepburn, the woman with the most beautiful carriage developed it through ballet.

Her grandmother used to tie her neck to a chair so she would sit up right when eating. She was also only put small pieces of food into her mouth at any one time. Interesting idea, huh?

Developing A Refined Taste

Much of dress etiquette comes from learning to be sophisticated from shopping and choosing what to wear and when to wear it.

A refined taste helps you better construct elegant outfits. The choices you make reflects your taste. The elegant sophisticated woman is the result of her refined choices.

To dress elegant, it takes a series of choices.

“Select” is such an important word. Why? It is actually the root word of ‘elegance’.

To become simply elegant, simply sophisticated, you’ll have to literally choose your way into elegance.

elegant wardrobe

Elegant Wardrobe

Dress etiquette means we always have an appropriate outfit for any occasion. That also means respecting the dress code. We have to be ready with whatever event comes by. To avoid rushing, which is not elegant at all, we have to build a wardrobe that works.

To gain an elegant wardrobe, you have to begin by taking an inventory of your current wardrobe. Be ruthless and chuck out things that are not elegant. You cannot improve what you don’t measure.

Next, we plan. Planning is essential to an elegant woman’s wardrobe. An edit should also be done every three months.

See more on How to Build an Elegant Wardrobe.

The best dressed women are often those who devote the most thought to how they want to present themselves. That does not mean they spent the most time or money on their clothes.

Professional Dress Etiquette

Have you heard that clothes maketh the woman?

Be professional in your dressing at all times according to the company’s level of ‘professional appearance’. The professional image of a company is reflected on your professional dress.

The way you dress communicates to everyone around you, your clients, coworkers and boss. It says how you feel about yourself and how you want them to feel about you.

Whatever you do must reflect your professional status.

Professional Dress Guidelines

  • clean, neat. wrinkle free clothes
  • Minimal perfume
  • Appropriate length of skirt
  • Depends on the industry you work in.
  • Never go over the top. Too much hair, make up, jewelry, too casual, too low cut.

    Alright, I hope you’ve gleaned some things on dress etiquette. Remember that an elegant lady is always appropriately and elegantly dressed. All the best!

    Thank you for reading ‘Dress Etiquette ‘!
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