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    Elegance With Not Much Money

    You can be elegant with not much money. I’ve had lots of people ask, “Can I be elegant even though I don’t have much money?”. Personally, I understand this because, unlike several authors of elegance and stylish living, I did not come from money. However, as the world progressed and several opportunities and things become more accessible and affordable, I was able to be exposed to some things that traditionally only the wealthy had access to. Luxury Does Not Always…

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  • blackberry etiquette
    Money & Business

    Business Phone Etiquette

    Business Phone Etiquette Tips How To Greet Professionally On The Phone A professional greeting means never saying “Hello” when answering a business telephone. If you work in a company and your…

  • email has replaced face to face communication on a train
    Money & Business

    Business Email Etiquette

    Business email etiquette rules and tips for the elegant woman. Email has always been a big part of business. Read the thirteen ways of remaining professional when using your business email.…