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An Elegant Attitude Towards Money

How to develop an elegant outlook of money and to gain an understanding of wealth. It is just one of those things that are assumed as becoming in an elegant woman.

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We all have been taught that talking about money is rude such as
asking about salaries to divulging details of mortgage and loans amounts.
This includes our commonly experienced conversation question of “How much did you pay for that?”

So what are some of the attitudes and outlook of money and finance of an elegant woman?

First of all, it is inevitable that a woman has to deal with money and wealth. Whether it is
about choosing how you ought to spend your money, to casual conversation about the world during cocktail hour.

Naturally, the world believes that you need money to be elegant or classy. I’ve
written that this isn’t necessarily so. However, I can’t deny the fact
that with some wealth, it is easier to be elegant.

Why? While this list is not exhaustive, here are some reasons:

With wealth,

  • You are more generous and giving.
  • You have access to finer things that contribute to an elegant taste and look
  • You are often in a better mood than worrying about money. It is easier to have an elegant countenance.
  • Without being bogged down with money problems, it is easy to take the focus off yourself and think about others.
  • You are in a better position to help and to influence.
  • Education is expensive, and easier to afford which propels you to become the fine woman you want to be.

    Thus, I think it is important to be financially secure on your own.

    Elegant Sense of Being Financially Secure

    To be financially secure, you must have:

  • A habit of saving and a healthy savings account
  • A good understanding of wealth – how it comes about and how to elegantly manage it

  • General knowledge of the world of money – basic education of investments such as
    property, stocks, businesses, interests rates and some understanding of economics.

  • Some access to extra cash (after putting some savings away), not just spending over your limits, neither being just over broke.
    Money Jars

    A habit of savings and a healthy savings account will give you a certain sense of self-confidence and assurance that you have the ability to take care of yourself and others, if you need to.
    You will also gain self-respect for being diligent and disciplined.

    To understand wealth and to gain knowledge about the world of money
    – this is form of self-improvement. Taking charge of your future independently
    is to obtain a healthy sense of self-reliance. It gives a woman a quiet
    sense of confidence, which is very beautiful.

    There is a certain elegance of quiet authority that comes from within. She will not
    be pushed around nor easily impressed. Money or people who use money to impress will have no hold on her.

    Learning all these financial cues also helps you in social hour.
    You’ll be able to speak the subtle ‘language of money’ especially if you find yourself socializing in more elegant circles.
    For example, portfolio income is from paper assets, which include dividends from corporations, income from real estate investments and interest. What is an asset and liability?
    What is the meaning of earned income and passive income?

    To have extra cash after putting it away enables you to be in a position to give, help others, promote a worthy cause or to invest in yourself such as taking a literature class etc.

    An Elegant Woman and Her Money

    Now let’s talk about some elegant attitudes about money.

    An elegant woman has generally these attitudes towards money. Please understand that these
    are my viewpoints and you are free to disagree with me.

    Spends Wisely, But is not Cheap

    She spends her money wisely, but she does not practice ‘frugality’
    In other words, she considers the value of her purchase – but she does not go out and buy the cheapest everything.
    She handles her money with respect, but she is not cheap.


    She will not calculate to the penny to what you owe her. She is generous.
    This is also cultural…but I believe that an elegant woman is generally generous too.

    Enjoys Finer Things, Is Willing to Spend

    There is a delicate balance but she eats, wears and uses fine things – to the best of what she can afford.
    She takes pride in herself and she believes she’s worth it. She treats herself well. However she is not
    the sort that spends money only on herself and is cheap with others.

    Perhaps uncommon outlook towards money

    Here are some of my favourite quotes from the author of

    “I love spending money but kim and I are not foolish with our money. I love having the finer things in life. I love having the choice of flying first class or economy. I love tipping people well, if they have given great service. I love making my friends rich when our investments do well. I love the freedom that money buys. I love working if I want to and not working if I don’t. So for me, money is fun, money buys me more choices and most importantly, it has bought Kim and me the freedom from the drudgery of earning a living.”

    “I don’t understand people who said, “money does not make happy.” I often wonder what they do for fun.”

    “One of the main reasons people spend money is to make themselves happy. ”

    “In my opinion, it’s not money that makes you unhappy. It’s not being able to pay your bills or not having the money to do the things you would love to do, that tends to make people unhappy. ”

    You spend less if you buy what you desire. I am very happy with my car and my wife is happy with hers. We may have spent more being clear on satisfying our material standards, which includes our house and clothing, but we actually spend less in the long run in time, money and happiness because we buy what we want.”

    “Some people believe that God wants us to live frugally and to avoid the temptations of the finer things in life. There are other people who believe that God created these wonderful creations for us to enjoy. It is up to you to choose what kind of God you want to believe in. “

    What do you think?

    Elegance Towards Money Matters

    To develop the similar elegance towards money matters as an elegant woman,
    you’ll first need to face your issues with money. We all have them!

    A good place to start would be to become financially educated. And to become
    comfortable with money. Some of us over spend and then hide our credit card bills, hoping
    it would go away! For others, money is such a stronghold over them, they can
    never let go of being cheap or to let go and be more generous with their loved ones.

    There are tonne of courses out there teaching you to become more financially savvy.
    Not all are good. Some are way too risky, after all, all I want is for us women to be
    more financially savvy, to be able to take care of your finances properly so as to grow
    in confidence and elegance, not necessarily to be the next Oprah Winfrey.

    I suggest you start by reading a few books – just to gain general knowledge and to gain some sophistication in speaking the language of money (subtly of course!).

    I would recommend anyone the entire Rich Dad Poor Dad
    Series. Treat it like a financial immersion course. You may get them all at your local library! Read them with a mindset
    of increasing your financial language, for the sake of elegance. It is up to you on how far
    you would like to take these financial education. Whatever you do, remember to get proper, sound advice!

    Thanks for reading, once again!

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