A Welcome Note!

Please read before using the site. I try to address as much of the frequently asked questions about the site.

Hello and welcome!

Thank you for visiting elegantwoman.org – your support means a lot. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit here.

While you take your time to browse around, there are few things you might want to take note of:

Elegantwoman.org – A non-professional site

This site is something like a personal journal – it is neither an authority on elegance
or a professional site
. Neither do I claim to be the elegant woman (haha!). It is just something
I started out of personal interest in an attempt to build on my self-confidence.
You may read the story on how elegantwoman.org was started.

There are no full time staff, no editors, writers, web designers, web masters etc.

And I, don’t work on this full time too. You may read more about me here.

Since I decided not to use Blogger, or WordPress but to build a website of my own from scratch (and pay for it),
please read the conditions of use, privacy policy and disclaimers of elegantwoman.org

All emails, comments and feedback are welcome, (even though I receive a couple of not-so-nice ones every once in a while)
and they are all appreciated! I put your feedback into use as much as I can.

I don’t have too much time to reply to those who ask questions because it takes a lot of time. Instead, I’ll try to address
the frequently asked questions in future pages.

A note about advertisements

Though this website is something like a journal, I’ve put up Google ads in some pages.

First of all, Google decides what to advertise to you – that depends on where you live and perhaps what you may have been
browsing for prior. I have no control of what Google decides to show you.

There is another ad system I use, which is called Infolinks – this also depends on what you were looking for earlier,
and Infolinks might recommend a link in my page to you. Again, I have no control of what Infolinks decides to show you.

Secondly, I use earnings from these two ad providers to subsidize the hosting and building of the site.

A note about products of elegantwoman.org

Whatever time I have for elegantwoman.org goes to researching a new topic or writing page and all the content on the site is

There are several questions that I get asked frequently which I try to address in a new page or I’ll turn into a topic.
If you don’t get a reply to your question, it could probably be that

  • your answer is already found on elegantwoman.org if perhaps a deeper search is done
  • it might be too specific, or that your question requires answers I am in no position to give.
  • it is an etiquette question – this is not an etiquette site, though I have a fairly large section on it. I decided that due to the international culture of this site, it
    is best to pose your etiquette question to someone reputable of your own culture.
  • I might have an overwhelming bunch of emails that I have no time to answer.
  • Though I may not get to reply to all your emails, they are very important to me and I read every one of them.

    Topics Explored on a Different Level

    Though I make a great effort and pour a lot of heart into writing all the pages, there are some topics I feel more strongly about.

    In other words, I think they are more important and decide to expound on them,
    however, there are limitations to what I can do on the website.

    The scattered nature of webpages and lack of control how one would take in the information is a big challenge.
    The nature of reading a website online also means that you can’t put too much information at one go.

    Thus I organize them into
    books and programs, which require a lot of time and the help of professionals to build the product. That is why the products
    are not free. However, those are extras. The content on the website is substantial and the products are only for
    people want more.

    Here are the products of the site.

    A note about Comments and Errors on the site

    As you read, you may see errors: spelling, grammatical, the occasional broken link. You may see unfriendly comments
    or even quarrels among readers due to differences in opinion.

    Please note that I can’t correct every mistake, nor monitor comments, nor reply to every email.

    I appreciate all the emails telling me where they are, and I try to get them as much as I can.

    Comments are always welcome, but as much as you can, keep them friendly.

    Emails to me

    I always love to hear from my readers – and I READ ALL YOUR EMAILS despite receiving more than 100 emails a day.

    Thank you a thousand times for all of you who take time out to write me little notes of appreciation and encouragement,
    or leave very sweet comments on Facebook. And especially all of those who write testimonials for elegantwoman.org, you
    have no idea what kind of impact you have made on women around the world who are inspired by your story.

    I try my best to reply as much as I can, but unfortunately I can’t reply to most email.

    I made that mistake early on in building this site. In the end I get so caught up trying to reply to
    all the email, solving problems, giving opinions, acting like a judge in etiquette matters (This is also NOT an Etiquette site),
    and having long conversations…that I lost focus on building this site, which is able to serve more people.

    I appreciate all of your emails, thank you for taking out the time to write to me.

    Appreciation to Those Who Look Past My Imperfections

    Thank you to all who love and support the work of elegantwoman.org,

    Though I don’t quite mention it, there are moments when I feel very vulnerable because I’m putting myself out there
    on the web, subject to lots of harsh criticisms etc. Thank you for all those who are able to see beyond
    all the imperfections but recognize elegantwoman.org for what it is, and what it is not. Especially big hugs to all those who speak up for me
    – I’m so touched.

    I thank you readers of elegantwoman.org for all your inspirational stories, you all contribute in one way or another,
    and I’m very sure you all are stars and a shining light to all around you!

    So thank you once again to all of you who share in the same dreams! Sending you all His love.

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