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Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas

Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas pink party flowers

Some christian ladies night out ideas for fun. I wrote this some time ago, I’m not sure why…

I’m a Christian myself, and I enjoy the company of other ladies very much. There is a serious heart-welcoming connection and type friendship that I believe the Lord has designed from the very beginning, from the very moment he created WOMAN.

He knew we needed to have the solid women friendships, if at all to keep our sanity at times. Who better to listen, relate, sympathize and in detail but our other girlfriends?

Here are some elegant ideas on how to spend some well deserving meaningful moments with your fellow female friends!

Christian Ladies Night Out

Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas

Dinner Adventures

People love food and trying new restaurants are always an adventure.

You may rotate turns to pick a restaurant, then make a party out of it.

How to?

Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas food

You could set up a blog where it’ll show when and where the next Christian Ladies Night will be held. Include photos, reviews, personal experience. Then after that event, people could rate or comment on the food.

So this “pre-hype” will get everyone excited and looking forward to the place. You can call the restaurant and negotiate discounts before hand especially if you have a big number.

So every month, you’ll try out a different restaurant, cuisine and the more adventurous the better. It will always be something to talk about.

Many social groups bonds are formed over dining, over food and conversations can be entirely on food so do not be too hasty to look over this “common idea” !

Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas

Girly Movie Night

Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas movies

Not just any movie night.

They could be themed.

  • High school
  • Wedding
  • Romantic movies etc
  • Chick flicks
  • Fashion etc

You could make some very chic drinks, like Italian sodas, or spiders (basically ice cream in a fizzy drink), or serve root beer floats in fancy glassware.

Serve little snacks on a sliver platter, cute little tea cup saucers etc.

See more elegant party ideas.

Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas

Dress Pink Party!

This is the easiest and can sometimes be the most amusing.

All of you can make a date to go somewhere or even to someone’s house. Everyone has to wear pink – like 75% pink in their clothes, hair and make up.

The least pink will have to do a little “forfeit” perhaps, do a little song and dance or go get the tickets for show etc.

Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas pink party flowers

The most pink will get a free meal! (where everyone pools in to pay for the winner’s meal).

It can be quite amazing how people get creative without looking crazy.

Subtle baby pink t-shirts with shimmery pink eyes, lips and cheeks, mixed with whites or black. A pink bag, paired with dark maroon shoes etc.

You can make this event a benefit too…for example, a benefit to raise funds for the Pink Ribbon (breast cancer). It then be a beautiful and meaningful pink party!

Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas

Victorian Afternoon Tea

Most people get intimidated throwing an afternoon tea, but it is really not that hard. How elaborate is up to the host, but most can get away with serving things bought from the supermarket.

Tea can be served with tea brewed from tea bags instead of infused.

And who says tea has to be in the afternoon?

Dig out your Christmas lights and hang them out in the patio or balcony, arrange for sufficient heating or simply use a couple of tea light candles and you’ll already have a beautiful setting for your tea party.

For more information, you may learn how to host a tea party here.

Hosting A Tea Party Etiquette

Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas

Book Club Meeting

Have a book club meeting during a ladies night out!

Send an email a week or two before the event and tell everyone to prepare for the book club meeting.

For instance, they can be told to pick a favorite book, and then they can read their favorite passage and explain why it is their favorite.

They can also read a chapter of the bible and use it to apply in any areas of their life, or share a personal story that may have come or have been inspired by that passage.

Conversations spin off from this little book club show-and-tell and you’ll have an amazing night of good conversation, deepened friendships, encouragement and inspiration.

I hope you’ll have the best Christian Ladies Night! I wish I could come!

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