The Dream of a Refined Womanhood

how to be an elegant mother

With blurred lines of society today, I write about my discovery of being a refined womanhood. Although we are all born with it intrinsically, it is a art that can be crafted and refined with knowledge.

How to be feminine

I embrace being a woman. I embrace femininity. That does not mean pink and ruffles and flowers. It means I am all woman.

I wasn’t like that always though. I grew up in a single-parent home and was once very confused with masculine and feminine traits. While I was never a tomboy, I had some unconscious negative attitudes about being a woman. I was just rather uninformed about many things about being a woman.

Thus, Womanhood is about having the qualities that are natural and characteristic of being a woman.

Becoming a Woman

Most girls grow up with a mother, and those for who are extra blessed…have sisters to grow up with. The knowledge about being a woman gets passed down.

However, for some other people, they may have grown up with an absentee mother, due to work, or were raised by fathers alone.

Sometimes, these well-meaning mothers themselves were not shown the qualities of womanhood. Thus, have found themselves inadequate to teach.

Overall, I feel that most women have these innate qualities – it just could be that these qualities may be supressed unknowingly.

Though it is natural, many times modern society does not value or applaud it, manipulating us to be in want. I believe there is a call right now to all women out there, to return to our feminine roots. When we become the finest woman, we draw out the real men.

How to be a woman, art of womanhood

I believe all women have the knowledge rights to:

1) feel beautiful, and know how to enhance their own beauty

2) learn to have an elegant self confidence

3) date elegantly, find true love and marry a gentleman

4) be highly skilled in the feminine arts

5) have a happy family at every stage of her life

6) be comfortable wonderfully in a home

7) be free to express feminine traits like fear of silly things that warm a man’s heart, or indulge in their natural behaviors of being caring, loving and nurturing

8) be indulged by gentlemanly behavior such as carrying of their heavy books, repairing the sink, drilling holes into the walls and be treated like a queen by a fine man

9) be protected, guarded, loved

10) learn how to draw out tender feelings of a man and have him be in love with you and you in him forever 11) learn to understand a man, support him to his finest, appreciate him, most of all, admire him.

12) know what is an ideal woman, from a male’s perspective

13) feel confident being in her relationship/marriage and how to have the best one on earth

14) knowledge in nurturing and bringing up her children.

15) to be a fine and gracious woman, bring inspiration to all around her!

how to be an elegant mother

God Give Us Women

God give us women
Women of such mold
Preferring ever honor unto gold
Women who wear their beauty as a flower,
Whose homey virtues are their richest dower.

Say you, “The age needs men!”
I say again, “God give us women
Lest we lack true men.”

Author Unknown

Request to A Wife

Dear Wife, I need adoring looks
The Kind I read about in books
I want esteem, I want affection
Please, darling, beam in my direction

Don’t, dearest, frown and squint your eyes
Don’t cut me down to proper size
Oh, do not fear and do not doubt me.
I want to hear the good about me

So, if you’d be in married clover,
Make over me.
Don’t make me over

Richard Armour

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