How to be Classy

classy course
Lessons I Learned from A Pedigree Woman

Details about the online course.

Classy First Steps Online Course

“Classy First Steps” is an introduction to Classiness, the art of being classy and how to be classy.

classy course

By studying and analyzing the Pedigree woman, then we will learn to achieve the same classy style and mannerisms by breaking
lessons down to actionable steps.

How to attain classiness in dressing and mannerisms

A Case Study on The Pedigree Woman

Classy Dress Style

This will be covered in 2 separate lessons

  • The Type of Clothing She wears
  • Classy Styles
  • Common Mistakes
  • The Language of Colours
  • Her Jewelry Choices
  • Pedigree Hairstyles
  • Her Make Up Style
  • The Three Nail Styles She Only Wears
  • Type of Bag and Shoes

Classy Way of Speaking

  • Tone of Voice
  • Pace of Voice
  • Accents and Pronunciation
  • Command of languages
  • Classy Conversation Pointers
  • How to lose class fast

Classy Mannerisms

  • Distinguishing classy values and manners that is separate from other social classes
  • Gestures
  • Where to move
  • Which body part to move and which body part to keep still
  • Posture and Poise

Information about the course

Start date: Immediately. (Allow a span of 12 hours to process your order)

Four Day Online Course

Readings and Tutorials will be emailed daily.

Work through your tutorials daily and email for any questions.

You will be sent a pdf of all lectures and tutorials on the final day.

You are also advised to continue working through your tutorials after the course is finished.

classy course

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$49 USD

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