Who is the Elegant Woman?

simply sophisticated women

Simply Sophisticated Women

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elegant dresses
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Being a simply sophisticated woman is a choice. In everything that we dream and desire of becoming, there are hard choices to make in order to achieve your dreams.

Sometimes you’ll need change the direction in your life. You may need to move, change your job and, even friends.

Characteristics of Simply Sophisticated Women

How One Learns To Be Sophisticated

First of all, we need to understand the makes of simply sophisticated women.

You will find these characteristics in them:

  • Self Love and A rich self-esteem
  • Excellent Posture and Grooming
  • A Contained Facial Expression
  • A Walk with Energy and Purpose.
  • Social Skills – At Ease At All Situations (comes with lots of experience).
  • Experience and Exposure
  • Comfortable with their imperfections.
  • Never intimidated
  • Dressed up
  • Possessing a ‘Millionaire’s’ Confidence
  • Being able to talk to just about anyone.
  • Educated. Hungry about the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Well-read and well-travelled.
  • Comfortable with luxury
  • A discriminating taste. Awareness of quality
  • Self Love and a Rich Self-esteem

    elegant dresses
    Sophistication is not about one’s designer purse.

    The Elegant Sophisticated Woman has a sort of ‘Sophisticated Confidence’.

    It is a sort of personal confidence which means she knows how to act in any situation, be it dining in a traditional Japanese restaurant or meeting someone from a different ‘world’ from her.

    While she may not know everything, nothing really quite surprise or intimidates her. She does not feel stupid and engage in negative self-talk nor feel embarrassed.

    She loves herself in a way that allows her to give love and receive love. She takes pride in what she is given, invests in herself and appreciates her blessings.

    simply sophisticated women

    Excellent Posture and Grooming

    Like her awareness for her manners and consideration of others, she is also aware of how she presents herself.

    She is groomed and develops good habits for posture. Posture is not just vanity but contributes to good health. She is also keenly aware of her womanly gestures which make her quite an elegant vision.

    A Contained Facial Expression

    simply sophisticated women

    Just like her elegant gestures, she is aware that certain facial expressions can ruin her elegant appearance. She refrains from harsh expressions and tries to maintain a peaceful expression at all times.

    The smiles of simply sophisticated women are just enough and neither tight nor causing her to squint. She laughs gently and does not roar. If she has to frown or is annoyed, those facial expressions are slight. She takes deep breaths silently and does not make a show of it.

    A Walk with Energy and Purpose

    You’ll never find simply sophisticated women dragging their feet.

    She walks with her feet straight and together.

    You’ll hardly find them wandering around aimlessly in malls either. Her walk is of purpose, yet gentle. She does not rush.

    Social Skills – At Ease At All Situations

    (comes with lots of experience).

    You won’t find her in just about every party in town but when she attends a party (usually one with a great purpose), she will be at ease wherever she is, talking to whoever she is. She is light hearted and speaks with an easy friendliness. She will not cross conversational boundaries and does not talk about herself in a personal way, yet
    will be able to engage in good conversation, making her the perfect guest at every social situation.

    She has social ease.

    Experience & Exposure

    She values experiences over materials, knowing that experience is a better educator. She derives exposure from her experiences, as she is curious about the world, the people and cultures around her.

    Comfortable with their Imperfections

    Simply sophisticated women are comfortable with their imperfections. While they attempt to learn and improve, they do it unhurriedly and unabashedly. Simply sophisticated women know they are human after all.

    Never intimidated

    They just don’t know how to be! They employ manners, good taste and are consistently cultivating themselves. They are aware of the art of conversation, knowing they don’t have to keep talking. They also know that it is impossible to know everything. They are at social ease. If someone tries to intimidate them, they know that they can always graciously excuse themselves and re-direct their attention.

    Dressed up

    Always elegantly dressed in the finest materials they can afford. They also know dressing etiquette, wearing only what is appropriate to occasion. You’ll never find them wearing flip-flops to town. They also adhere to dress codes.

    Possessing a ‘Millionaire’s’ Confidence

    Have you ever met a millionaire that is not confident? See also a Simply Sophisticated Lady.

    Being able to talk to just about anyone.

    The more you study and celebrate the differences in people, the easier it is to understand and accept people who are unlike you. That is an act of refinement. Not liking someone
    because she/he is unlike you only breeds shallow thinking.

    Educated. Hungry about the pursuit of knowledge.

    Simply sophisticated women seek education and knowledge. Read more about how the study of the liberal arts can shape your thinking.

    If you are thinking of going to college, I’ll highly recommend it. I also think pursuing a classical education at home on your own is very useful and highly recommended for elegant women.

    Well-read and well-travelled.

    As above, she seeks knowledge and pursues experiences such as travel as a form of education, understanding and pleasure.

    Comfortable with luxury

    She enjoys it for what it is but never places luxury as more important than someone’s feelings. She will never brag or boast about her luxurious experiences. She uses the words like car instead of limo. Read more…

    A discriminating taste. Awareness of quality

    Simply sophisticated women need not depend on labels for her to have an discriminating, elegant taste or to differentiate quality. She chooses it and positions herself in it. See also How To Develop Exquisite Taste.

    Continue to for the study of a simply sophisticated lady.

    Thank you for reading ‘Simply Sophisticated Women’!

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