Elegant Wedding Photography

Elegant Wedding Photography – Please note that these pictures are used for illustrations only. Please read our disclaimers.

Your Most Beautiful Photographs

Wedding photos are sometimes all you have to remember the moment you said yes when he proposed all the way to the wedding day.

Do you need some elegant photography ideas? Here are my favorite elegant wedding photos.

beautiful wedding kiss

I love photographs capturing beautiful details of a dress.

After booking your elegant wedding venue, the next important vendor to book is your wedding photographer.

Good photographers get booked out quickly so do this soon!

How to Find A Good Wedding Photographer

  • Decide on your budget
  • Decide on the style you want
  • Get some recommendations and view their portfolio.
  • Meet up with your photographer to discuss what is important to you.
  • Discuss budget and make a deposit/payment

beautiful wedding kiss pose photo

The classical romantic kiss

elegant wedding rings

Add a light-hearted picture or two

elegant piano photo
Old beautiful piano

beautiful elegant wedding dress
Details of wedding dress

beautiful elegant wedding dress
Excited friends

The fun part:

Browse as many wedding blogs as you can – they are filled with photos of real weddings from which you might get inspired. Print them out and show them to your photography and talk about it.

Some ideas to talk about with your photographer

P.s. Note that these are just examples

  • prefer black & white photography (or not)
  • prefer softer shots than laughing or face scrunched up with funny poses
  • that you like your side profile
  • show him photography styles you like, which should really match his own.
  • exact shots that you want: throwing the bouquet in the air, kiss-the-bride moment etc

Tell him what you DO NOT WANT

  • photos of a part of the venue (because you just don’t think it’s nice enough)
  • before you do your make up
  • your feet
  • Any photos of your tummy slightly bulging
  • You or your guests eating

beautiful elegant wedding dress
Loving setting for the perfect wedding rings photo.

How To Ensure Elegant Photos

Before your wedding day, get comfortable with your photo taken.

Practice your smile, your posture, poise etc. Practice your walk, standing, sitting, getting up from your seat, posture when you talk.

Here are some of the photos poses that I love.

beautiful elegant wedding dress
Romantic country style

beautiful elegant wedding dress
Raw cinema film style

beautiful elegant wedding dress
Another beautiful of the rings

<img src="https://elegantwoman.org/image-files/elegant-wedding-photography-14.jpg" width="599" height="397" title="" alt="beautiful elegant wedding dress"/>
Your memory of the first kiss

<img src="https://elegantwoman.org/image-files/elegant-wedding-photography-14.jpg" width="599" height="397" title="" alt="beautiful elegant wedding dress"/>
And the moment.

My Favorite Wedding Blogs

1. Snippet and Ink

2. Ritzybee

3. Fine Stationary (yes it is about weddings)

4. Little White Book

There are many other sites there, careful not to get lost in the tide! Remember it doesn’t have to be complicated and the French styled wedding, less is more. Quality triumphs over quantity.

Keep it simple and it will be elegant.

Thank you for reading ‘Elegant Wedding Photography’!

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