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Proper Phone Etiquette

Proper Phone Etiquette

What is the proper phone etiquette? See proper telephone etiquette guidelines, business phone and cell phone etiquette…

  • Phone etiquette answering calls: Always speak clearly and be articulate.
  • If you made the call, it is your responsibility to end the call.
  • The cell phone is used for instant and urgent communication, for example, you use your cell phone if you are running late, if you need to get directions – they all consist of quick calls. Limit your chatter.
  • It should not be used to harass, to play jokes, to spam.

  • Proper Phone Etiquette

  • Proper telephone phone etiquette. Your home telephone is used to communicate with people whom you have a physical distance. Be considerate if you want to chat, ask if the person is free or whether there is a good time for you to call.
  • When answering the phone, it will be good to give your name first, “Hello, this is Eunice. May I please speak to Colin?”
  • If you have call waiting, do not leave the person on call waiting forever, make it brief, otherwise you can always switch and let your caller know you will call her back.
  • Unless your child is old enough to practice good phone etiquette or at least understand what it means to pass the phone to the rightful recipient, please refrain from letting your child answer.
  • It can get very frustrating for callers especially when your child starts sprouting gibberish, singing or hanging up the phone.

  • If you are leaving messages on the answering machine. Be sure to keep it brief, to the point and leave your contact details as clear as possible. It is frustrating for your recipient to decode your message in their attempt to return the call.
  • If you answer by speakerphone, it is proper telephone etiquette to let your caller know immediately.
  • If you get a wrong number, do not make the other person whose inconvenience you have intruded repeat the number, simply ask politely, “Is this 123- 000-9083?”
  • Don’t eat, sneeze, cough, laugh loudly into the receiver phone, or when you are on the call anyhow.
  • Never slam the phone.
  • Let it ring considerably for one minute before hanging up. Someone may just be rushing to get it.

Proper Phone Etiquette For Business

Business Telephone Etiquette

  • Do not answer the phone with a hello. Instead say the company’s name, greet and then identify yourself, “Bloomingdale’s, Good morning, this is Kelly.”
  • If you use the speakerphone, tell the recipient so immediately.
  • Never eat, cough or clear your throat on the phone.
  • Do not carry simultaneous conversation with someone in the room and the person on the phone.
  • Be courteous and polite. Your manners reflect the company!

Proper Phone Etiquette For Cell Phones

Cell Phone Manners

  • Proper Cell Phone Etiquette: Cell phones should be in silent mode in a restaurant, theater etc.
  • Try not to answer your phone during dinner or entertaining. If you really need to, make it brief or tell your caller to call you back.
  • Be considerate when you are on the phone in the public phone. There should be no reason people in proximity can hear your entire conversation.
  • Please use hands-free or speakerphone when driving.
  • Cellular phone etiquette – Do not be text messaging when you are in the company of others. If you absolutely must, do so discreetly.
  • If you have to, please say, “I’m sorry, do you mind? I have to get this” And I hope it is in only in extremely urgent cases.
  • Silent mode does not mean noisy vibrating noises as well.
  • Never answer another’s phone. If you really have to, immediately identify yourself and state the reason why you are answering the person’s phone, “Rachel’s phone, Anne speaking. Rachel is driving at the moment.”
  • Voicemail greeting etiquette on a cell phone: Brief, clear. Basically, you should identify yourself because that’s the whole point.
  • Cell phone etiquette on trains: Speak softly, make it brief. However you can text or sms to your heart’s content.
  • No cheesy jokes, loud cowboy music, or a message that waffles on and on. That is surely one way to lose elegance fast.

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