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While this is not an etiquette website, I only included it as one of the main subjects of elegantwoman.org because etiquette teaches us ways to be kind and considerate. A polished knowledge of etiquette helps you increase the appearance of elegance.

Etiquette class

Remember Etiquette and Manners are not the same. Manners are kindness. On the other hand,
etiquette is code of behaviour.

Etiquette is simply a more organized way to live. Its methods have been established over the years through years of thought, consideration of others
and to eliminate the unnecessary.

However, it is not the law. They are mere guidelines. They also change, depending on culture.

Etiquette can be said to be a living subject. It adjusts itself to the times.

Do not use etiquette to get mad at someone, or classify them. Just learn some etiquette, go about your merry way and be kind.

Also, I get lots of etiquette questions ranging from very specific awkward family situations to greeting the Russian nobility.

Please remember, I’m not an expert on etiquette. I research these topics and highlight
only the most important ones. My goal is to draw attention and increase awareness to particular topics – topics related to elegance. Please
consult etiquette books
written by Emily Post or an professional etiquette consultant.

The only thing I like to say on etiquette is that it is simply a tool to be kind. I personally practice etiquette loosely. However, I let my actions be guided by kindness, by having manners.

P.s. For the list of etiquette topics below, I’ve written using both “Manners” and “Etiquette” since they are commonly interchanged.

P.s.s There are more etiquette pages added, most of which I can’t keep track of now.

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