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Etiquette Questions of A Lady

Etiquette Questions of a lady – some common questions women secretly wonder.

Should a lady cross her legs when sitting down?

Answer : It is better to keep your legs together without crossing your legs. If you can’t keep your legs together due to poor inner thigh muscles, cross your legs.

Should a lady attempt to go dutch?

Answer : It is safe to assume that a gentleman will always pick up the tab for dinner, especially if it is the first time or the first time in a long while. However, one should not assume that all men are gentlemen just as not all women are ladies. If he had been the one to ask you out for dinner, simply say “thank you for dinner” after he has signed the cheque.

Do not offer to pay in front of the waiter, or when the waiter gives him the bill. Do not discuss payment during the whole process. Let him pay first.

If he asked for payment, give it to him quickly. If he refuses to accept, you may get the coffee or the movie tickets later or next time. If it is the second time he has asked you out to dinner, say, “Oh do let me pay.” If he does accept, pay cheerfully.

My male friend has his fly open, should I tell him?

Answer : Approach another gentleman and quietly tell him to tell your clueless male friend. Kindly ask that gentleman not to reveal that you approached him.

My friend gave me a gift she thought I’ll be excited about? I hate it. What do I do?

Answer : Grin and bear it. If she takes much effort to pick out the gift, keep it for at least ten years. Otherwise, give it to someone close to you that may use it but on the condition that you need it back if your friend is coming over for tea.

My bestfriend picked out horrible bridesmaids dresses for me. What do I do?

Answer : Grin and bear it. Remember that it is her big day. Do not make a fuss or mention anything about it.

We have a whole list of etiquette question on our “Ask miss manners” page.

Master Your Own Etiquette Questions

To improve your awareness of etiquette or to achieve excellent manners, expose yourself to ‘elegant people’. They are anyone you consider to be ‘elegant’ to you.

If you do not have access to such these ‘elegant folks’, study elegant movies, television programs and books. Again, this will be determined by you. Trust your own brand of elegance i.e. determine what is elegant – this will fine tune your taste and discretion.

It is better to be inspired and to have elegance and etiquette rub off you than to spend a lovely afternoon with a stuffy old etiquette book that cannot update itself as quickly as the world evolves.

Start with a visual inspiration, a memory, a role model. Start with the most earnest of your desire of your heart.

Etiquette Books

Of course, etiquette books always serve as good reference books, just in case you would want to add one to the library,

here are some of my favourite etiquette books.

Thank you for reading ‘Etiquette Questions’!

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