Etiquette – Quitting A Job

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Read about etiquette of quitting a Job, the proper way to quit a job. How you resign may affect your business career for your entire future.

manhattan skyline of offices

How you resign may affect your business career for your entire future.

The proper way to quit a job is to first check your company regulations specifying how much notice is required. Keep that in mind when you apply for new jobs, especially if this influences your start date.

Preparations To Make Before Quitting A Job

When job hunting…

If you are job hunting while still being employed, keep it quiet.

Arrange for interviews during lunch, or before or after work so that they will not interfere with your job.

Try not to let anyone know for reasons of protecting your current job and others.

How To Properly Quit Your Job

  • Let your employer know as soon as possible the minute you know which day you are going to leave (or start a new job).
  • Let your employer know to prepare for a termination date. That is the proper way to resign from a job.
  • Express appreciation when it is final. You may want to write a letter of thanks, highlighting all the opportunities that have been extended to you. Keep your statements short and positive.
  • Always get a resignation letter ready. If you haven’t written one, your company might request for one.
  • Be prepared for giving very good reasons for leaving. Be positive and do not speak against your current company, even if there was an unfair situation and you have decided to leave. Sometimes company might call you in for a little “interview” to find out why you have decided to leave, so get ready.
  • If you have a job with a heavy responsibility, it is better to give the company at least a month’s notice to give sufficient time to find a replacement.
  • Before leaving, bid good bye to all those whom you have worked for and indicate a wish to keep in touch with them.

Mistakes Made When Quitting A Job

  • Don’t tell anyone and your employer that you are leaving for another job until you are absolutely sure.
  • Don’t use your job offer from another company to manipulate your current company for a raise.
  • Don’t complain about your current company to your future complain.
    (Complaining in general is not very attractive)
  • Don’t burn bridges.
  • Don’t complain about your former boss to your current boss and colleagues.
  • Try to keep your excitement about your new job to yourself.
  • Don’t slack off on the job that you are currently in just because you will leave in a few weeks.
  • Try to help your company make that transition of you leaving smooth.
  • Do not reveal company secrets, even after you leave.

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