Elegant Wedding Dress Style Ideas

elegant wedding dress ideas

Running out of wedding dress ideas? Not sure what is your elegant wedding dress style? Here are some sophisticated wedding style ideas.

In Sex and the City the movie, Carrie Bradshaw wore a blue bird in her hair. It became her signature wedding dress style.
Everyone remembers Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding style element.

But when it comes to picking our own dress style, we get lost and overwhelmed by the sheer number of wedding dress designs.

How do we pick a dress whose style is elegant yet unique so that we can make it our own?

We can start by analyzing which style elements suits you best. Style elements can vary from a certain neckline, to fabric choice or wedding dress accessories.

These elegant wedding dress style elements and ideas are not exhaustive. Hopefully it will inspire and help you
to choose your perfect wedding dress. Enjoy!

What is your elegant wedding dress style?

Neglect Not the Sleeves

The first wedding style idea is to use sleeves. It can look very chic.

elegant wedding dress style

What is your Favorite Neckline?

Although the classic tube ball gown will always be elegant and in style, take a chance and explore other necklines. This is probably the best way to make a style statement!

elegant wedding dress style

This is especially useful if you are an accessories kind of girl. Think about the beautiful long pendant from the antique shop! Or maybe you’ll like to wear many strings of pearls a la Miss Coco Chanel.

A Twist of the Back (of Dress)

One of the principles of achieving elegance is to ‘remove excess’ and choose a focal point. This applies to elegant make up as well as choosing a wedding dress.

Most people choose to focus on the front, with good reason. However, if you prefer simple elegant wedding dresses, you can afford to add a twist by revealing a beautiful back of the dress.

elegant wedding dress idea

This is just an idea. 🙂

That’s what I did for my wedding dress.

elegant wedding dress

Elegant Wedding Dress Style In Fabric Choice

Choose the off-the-beaten path for choice of fabric. Lace is romantic and so is ballerina’s tulle.

If you are designing your own wedding dress, or if you have a dress designer, ask for the use of chiffon to be used in an unusual way.

Perhaps combine with the use ruffles, feathers, or a mix of fabrics.

elegant wedding dress style
elegant wedding dress idea

Unusual Blend of Accessories

Use wedding accessories to jazz up your outfits.

Choose an unusual veil perhaps? White silk gloves? Wear a cloak if you are in cold countries, or a mink wrap?

How about a hat or a wreath of flowers in your hair? Use ribbons or bows in your hair?

elegant wedding dress ideas
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