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How to do more with less

Elegant Woman’s Wardrobe Essential Skills – Guide to building an elegant wardrobe that works.

Wondering ‘how do I build a wardrobe’? You may view this page or start with step one of wardrobe refashioning.

Why is it important to build an elegant wardrobe?

Clothing identifies who you are in your world. If you met someone who was dressed and groomed in such a manner that you could not relate to them, you would never know if the person had a heart of gold or not. – Ginie Sayles

Change your appearance and change what you do with your time – and your life will change. You are more in control than you think. – unknown.



Wardrobe essentials Skill One:
How to Mix and Match Your Clothes Elegantly

The better you mix and match, the less you need to achieve an elegant look.

Because coordination is essential to elegance, celebrity fashion stylists like Rachel Zoe have emerged simply by facilitating that.

The job of the stylist provides their clients with a carefully selected collection of clothes, where the puzzle of the right mixing and matching
is taken out of the equation. They even come to your house, dress you, fit you before sending you off to your elegant event. Other stylist’s services
include providing complete wardrobes along with shoes, bags and accessories.

While I applaud the work of these artists, because their work influence fashion designers and start trends,
we do not need stylists to mix and match elegantly.

We can obtain these wardrobe essential skills by following a few elegant principles.

Practice Restraint

Moderation is always the best policy.

Even if you adore Chanel, you need not adorn yourself from top to do with those double Cs.

The most elegant of women, if you have noticed, stay away from clothing and accessories with any logo or emblem embossed on them, if they could.

This is good news for the elegant woman who prefer not to spend wads of cash on materials. She learns how to pick out good quality, reasonably priced items without a logo. She can look very elegant without the designer prices!

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t wear or carry anything with a designer’s mark on it. Certain brands have a long reputable for dependable quality. If you wear designers, keep the ‘display of the logo’ sparse. A fashion disaster is when one has her Chanel sunglasses on, her Dior purse (with Dior’s logo all over it),
a Burberry’s checkered trench and Ferragamo’s shoes with it’s famous bows on. She is a walking Vogue magazine.

There is a certain sort of refinery by someone who recognizes quality without looking at the label. I admire the woman who does not need labels to have confidence
in what she wears and how she carries herself. There is also great respect to the woman who does not value labels or talk about them excitedly. Even if she does love and enjoys them (and rightfully so), she’ll keep them to herself. That is a private matter
and she’ll not make others feel ‘in want’ by talking about them.

Talking about labels indicate a ‘want’ and a certain ‘dissatisfaction’ with her life. The elegant woman appreciates her life and values life more than mere things.

Pick Solid Colors

Wardrobe Essentials Colors


If you only could have five new articles of clothing for the whole year, pick clothes of solid colors.

Solid colors can stand repetition much better than patterned materials.

The best basic colors are black, white, ivory, beige, champagne and navy.

When you have these staple colors in your wardrobe, you might consider adding a few pastel-colored pieces. They are excellent for daytime wear.

Why Solid Colors?

You can get the most out of outfit combinations and accessorizing with solid colors.

A day time outfit can be transformed into evening wear by removing a scarf and adding a long strand of pearls.

When mixing and matching, avoid being too ‘matchy-matchy’.

It looks too ‘costume’, like you are going to a costume party. Gone are the days when the shoes were made out of the same fabric as the bag,
sash and the ribbon on the bonnet.


Though, there are certain pairs of things that go very elegantly together.

Pair of Wardrobe Essentials example,

  1. Matching your umbrella to your trench coat.
  2. Having a full set of matching luggage.
  3. Having a full set of matching toiletry bags.
  4. Matching your luggage to your outfit.
  5. Wearing complete lingerie sets.
  6. Matching your outfit to the occasion.
  7. Having the same scent in your perfume, body lotion and body soap.
  8. Having a subtle sense of compatibility in outfits between you and your husband.


Refining and employing your own good taste is probably the best when it comes to these matters.

Last by not least, the third Wardrobe Essentials Skills to have is to

Pay attention to details

As they say, God is in all the details!

If you look at the details, you’ll marvel at all the little signature God leaves behind. Just like artisans designers.

Thank you for reading ‘Wardrobe Essentials Skills’!

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