Engagement Announcement Etiquette

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Engagement Announcement Etiquette – How to Announce your Engagement Properly. More about engagement announcements,engagement party invitation wording, writing engagement announcements…

How does one announce their engagement?

Some announce it via the newspapers. Though I do not think it is necessarily the most efficient method in our modern times.

A good way is to make a personal phone call to a selected few or get your parents to help phone relatives to relate the message.

Another way is to email to your friends.

Social networking mediums these days are more acceptable for announcing engagement. Give your friends a visual by posting a picture, and write a note addressing friends and family so that it feels personal.

You may also blog about it!
It is very nice for friends and family who do not live close to have a bit of a personal story, written by you, especially if they are your regular blog readers!

After you have announced your engagement, you may want to throw an engagement party! It is the best way to make a proper announcement. There are many ways to do this. Please refer to my next page or see the links below.

You may also text or email, depending on the formality of your culture.

In your happiness, do not forget your manners.

The proposal, engagement and all the parties leading up to the actual wedding are always exciting. However, not everyone
can relate to your bliss. They may be going through a breakup, a divorce etc. etc.

Announcing Your Engagement


So you got engaged!

Call Your Parents First

I think the first thing to do is to call your parents to let them know. Though he may have already sought your parents’ permission, it is still blissful to share the joy.

Call your best friends next

They would love and feel honored to be the next to know.

Call your closer relatives and friends

They are indeed family. It will be a special moment to hear you overjoyed and for them to personally offer your congratulations.

Announcing Your Engagement To The Rest

Engagement Announcement Etiquette Part 2

For acquaintances, sending out mass email or individually is accepted.

Engagement Announcement Etiquette

Make it more personal and add a photo of you both.

Keep it short and sweet when announcing your new status.

Do not ramble on and on about how he proposed.

It is good to appear calm but happy so as to not spark any jealousies, or frustrations with your friends’ own personal circumstances.

Engagement Announcement Etiquette Part 3

After all your family, best friends, close friends, loved ones have heard the news, find a way to announce it to everyone else.

Post on your blog, Facebook, send a mass email, by word of mouth at church…

It is nice that everyone knows from you personally around the same time.

A friend might feel left out if they were the last to hear.

Etiquette for Engagement Announcements Invitations

When A Party Follows Your Announcement

When your engagement announcement is an invitation to party, you may wish to write these words.

Mr & Mrs R.H. Fowler announces the engagement of their daughter Grace Fowler to Dr Bradley Williams and would like to request your company to join in celebration at …..

If divorced parents are friendly, you may use

Mr E. Samuels & Ms. H. Ridge announce the engagement of their daughter Jessica ….

Engagement Announcement Etiquette Summary

  • Don’t take up too much of people’s time. Keep your announcement short and sweet, happy and relatively calm.
  • Be sensitive to the feelings of others those who envy you or wish they were you.
  • Don’t expect people to react with a certain level of joy and same level of excitement as you.
  • Graciously accept their congratulations. Say thank you. If you have made the phone call, or started the topic during a conversation, it is your duty to end it.

More Engagement Announcement Etiquette hints…

  • Don’t keep talking about your engagement, your fiance, and wedding plans! In fact, don’t bring it up unless they brought it up. Discuss your wedding plans with those naturally excited parties – your mother or mother-in-law, sister etc
  • Make sure all the people who are close and dear and important to you, know FIRST of your engagement rather than hearing it from someone else.
  • Do not rush to let them know about your wedding date, engagement party etc at the same time as your engagement. Leave one topic for one time. Now it is the time to announce your engagement.
  • Whatever you do, however you announce your engagement, try to do it as personally as possible. Personally phone them, write a personal email, letter, or go visit them to announce your engagement. Even if it is on a social networking site, try to keep your tone of writing as personal as possible.
  • It is also not the time to gush about your ring, complain about your ring or wedding planning.
  • It is also not the time to ask about other people’s engagement plans, or “How about you? How is your relationship/lovelife going? Getting married anytime soon? Why don’t you propose?”
  • Spread out the news of your engagement and wedding plans as sparsely as possible. Remember, though the wedding is about you, the world does not revolve around you.
  • Gush and be happy with your mother and your future husband! Let go and be on the moon. This is the only place where you can let go of some restraint!

Engagement Ring etiquette

Before the Proposal

elegant engagement ring text

If in any case you are reading this before you are engaged, congratulate yourself in your wisdom for preparing yourself for the future.

When you are dating a gentleman for some time and can foresee a future with him, it is best to gently talk about the subject at a time you feel both of you are ready.

Sorting out expectations as close to the truth as you possibly can in the most ladylike manner.

Discuss your expectation about your ring, the need for a proposal or not, your engagement announcement, formalities, cultural expectations. In fact, you should have already have a general idea what your partner wants for his future life in areas of family, children, lifestyle …

The most important part of the whole process of the ring, the proposal, the engagement is first getting to know both families reasonably well.

Have your partner first let his parents know WHEN he is about to propose. This is mere courtesy and kind consideration to get their blessings. Afterward, then proceeding to ask your parents for permission and blessings.

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