Engagement Party Ideas

and Types of Elegant Parties Elaborated

Looking for elegant engagement party ideas? Learn how to host an elegant coffee, afternoon tea, high tea, brunch, dinner party cocktail party etc.

Thinking about an elegant engagement party?
Elegant Entertaining is the perfect way to announce your engagement.

So this page introduce you to the types of elegant parties that you can consider hosting.

The French are persuaded that the enjoyment of beauty and the exercise of the critical intelligence are two of the best things worth living for.” – Edith Wharton

Types of Elegant Entertaining

Elegant parties can be generally classified into these types, (though not all will be appropriate for an elegant engagement party).

And of course, this list is not exhaustive.

  • Elegant Coffees
  • Tea Parties
  • Brunches
  • Garden Parties
  • Dinner Parties
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Dinner and Dances
  • Balls
  • Charity events
  • Theme Parties

Types of Elegant Parties

Explore these ideas and consider them for your engagement party.

Elegant Coffees

Your engagement party idea No.1: Throw an elegant Coffee.

Throwing a coffee is not the same as “having coffee”. You know, the type when you ask your girlfriend out to catch up? Its not the same thing.

A Coffee are also known as Morning Coffees.They are small gatherings held in the morning between 9 – 11 am.

Usually you will expect to see a table covered with white table cloth, a centerpiece of fresh flowers, a wide selection of biscuits, shortbread and treats that go well with coffee laid out.

You will have a wide selection of coffee to choose from and a selection of sweets such as honey, sugar, brown sugar, sugar substitute. A wide selection of milk as well as coffee alternatives such as tea.

There will also be dessert made of cakes, fruits, cheeses etc. Everything is usually presented in beautiful china, with the right cutlery, silver trays, lace paper doilies, strainers and the works.

If you have a beautiful garden, living room, or any roomy space, you may attempt to throw this yourself. Otherwise, you can host an elegant coffee at a boutique hotel.

Read more about how to throw an elegant coffee.

Tea Parties

Engagement party ideas No. 2: Host a Tea

These are similar to Elegant Coffees but are held in the afternoon from 3 – 530 pm.

It is also known as afternoon tea or high tea in some countries.

A wide selection of teas are presented, English black teas, herbal teas, fruit treas etc.

Coffee is also available but a wider selection of food is offered. You have mini sandwiches, extensive fruit platters, sushi, buns, mini chocolates, a wider range of dessert and pastries.

Read more about how to throw an elegant tea.


Engagement party ideas No. 3: Host a brunch

This is a cross between an Elegant Coffee or Afternoon Tea. The food served is more substantial and you’ve got a wider choice of places to host a brunch. You can do it from home, in your garden, on your patio, by the pool, or go to a restaurant, a pancake parlor, a sea side cafe, and of course, hotels.

The word “brunch” originates a combination of breakfast and lunch. It usually starts at 1030-11 to about 2pm. Usually you will serve a big plate of hot food with eggs, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, french toast. Followed by fruit, cakes, coffee or tea.

It is perfect for a relaxed weekend morning and afternoon.

Read more about elegant brunches and luncheons.

Garden Parties

Engagement party idea No. 4: Throw a beautiful Garden Party

This can take in the form of a picnic, in front of a lake. Or if you have an outdoor setting.

If the weather is perfect, this could be the most economical choice. Bring home baked muffins, pack fruits. Make yummy sandwiches, an apple strudel pie and bring it all in beautiful basket. Try to use real crockery and cutlery to make it just a tad more elegant.

Lay out the traditional picnic mat and enjoy the company with your sun hat and sunglasses.

It would be perfect especially if you are going to have children at your engagement party. They are free to run around.

Dinner Parties

Engagement party idea No. 5: Host Elegant Dinner Party

A dinner party are usually more intimate if thrown at home. Usually guests arrive at 6pm (or 7pm) for ‘cocktails’, which could simply mean any drink is served to them and they mingle with those who arrived. This pre-dinner time is to allow guests to extend warm greetings and play mini-catchup.

At 630 when dinner is served, everyone proceeds to their seat and the host brings out the food.

Dinner parties are expected to last till bedtime, which could end around 10-11pm or even later.

As a host, you can either spend the day cooking or have the food catered. Depending on your space, a good number of guests should around 10-12 guests.

Bring out the candles, soft music, wine and champagne for a lovely time. You may also host this at a restaurant though one hosted at home is better.

Read more about elegant dinner parties.

The Cocktail

Officially begins at 6pm.

The cocktail party is usually a lighter, more flexible affair than the dinner party.

It’s about stand up, mingling and socializing, not sit down, be stuck in one corner and be served.

It is not recommended that you bring a guest without first asking a host. Though in some the cocktail parties, it does not matter if guests bring an extra guest.

It’s not about the food, and there’s music, ambience, wonderful conversation. There’s some chemistry about a cocktail party.

Read more about the elegant cocktail party.

Elegant Entertaining Inspiration

Adapted from this book about French women entertaining… Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl

Madness, Refinement, Effort and Heartbeats

One of the objectives of Danielle’s parties was not so much the meal itself but the people present at the table and their collective energy – refined but chaotic, animated and fashionably argumentative.

In the preface to ‘At Home in France’ Marie-Helene de Rothschild speaks of French entertaining: “…however rich or poor one is, certain ingredients are essential: a pinch of madness, two dashes of refinement, three grains of effort – and a few heart-beats.”

By the time the third course arrived the sky had turned a gauzy white and seemed to be spinning. Too much wine? No…snow! Conversation hushed as we watched the snow tumbling silently in feather-soft spirals and elegant loops against the tower. It was all so exquisitely French: At once imposing yet familiar, a beautiful thing that was utterly impractical yet impossible to live without.

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