Sending A Wedding Gift Etiquette

Sending A Wedding Gift Etiquette: What is the proper way to send a wedding gift? Read more about wedding gift giving etiquette. Please note that this is only referred to in a general sense. It may differ from culture to culture.

If you read etiquette books, you’ll realize that there is a whole section on gift giving etiquette. If you think about it, almost all of life’s events involve some sort of gift giving ritual. The whole process of giving and receiving can sometimes be emotionally charged. People jump for joy, feel touched when they receive gifts, some feel insulted, neglected, cheated.

Also we all have the secret feeling of wanting to receive gifts and are pained when they “forget” and keep “forgetting. Wedding Gift etiquette also involves a fair bit about planning and presentation. The importance of presentation is almost as important as the gift itself.

Sending A Wedding Gift Etiquette

When, Where, How?

To answer these questions:

  1. When do I send a wedding gift?
  2. Where do I send a wedding gift?
  3. How do I send a wedding gift?

The proper etiquette is to have gifts delivered to the bride’s home before the day of the wedding.
You may deliver them in person or by mail, addressing it to the bride with her maiden name as she had not yet married at the time of receiving.

If gifts are delivered after the wedding day, it should be addressed to Mr and Mrs So-and-So, sent at their new address or their parents’ place if the address is not yet known.

In some cultures, it is acceptable to bring the wedding presents to the wedding, where a gift reception registry or gift table will be set up. If in doubt, call and check.

If you would like to give a cheque, you may hand it to them (in a wedding card) during the receiving line where you shake hands with the bride and groom and offer your good wishes. Alternatively, put it in the mail for them (and always include a personal note!)

In some cultures, especially asian culture, monetary gifts are the most common.

Monetary Wedding Gifts in Asian Culture

What is the appropriate “Sending A Wedding Gift Etiquette?” Or “Gift Giving Etiquette” in this case?

At the ‘Guest sign-in’ table, there will usually be a box with a slot for you to “deposit” the money in. But before that, you should already have prepared that in a red money packet, signifying good luck. It is common that you write your name at the back of the red packet so that the bride and groom will know that it was you who gave it.

Don’t complain if you have to give a monetary gift. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Even though it is not customary to, I prefer to give the red packet in an enclosed envelope (usually wedding card).

The “How” of Sending A Wedding Gift Etiquette

Gifts should be properly wrapped with a gift card.

Money gifts in asian culture, should come in a red packet with your name written at the back of it (and include a short note of congratulations).

cheques should be written with a personal note of congratulations and given in a white envelope.

FAQs – Sending A Wedding Gift Etiquette

Do we expect the bride and groom to open the presents during the reception?

No. They already have too many people to talk to and other details to attend to. Though, it is acceptable at weddings taken place at their home where it is usually a smaller sized wedding.

When is the deadline for sending a wedding gift?

It should be within a week before or after a wedding. If a little over that, send a note explaining the delay. Do not delay until the couple’s one year anniversary.

Do not “keep forgetting!” It is not very nice to tell the couple you have gotten them something but have forgotten to bring it.

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