Elegant Prom Dresses

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Proms are vital to the happy memories of your school life. It is all about the elegant prom dresses and friends isn’t it?

To wear a gown or a cocktail dress? That depends on the formality of your event, your personality and perhaps finding “The” dress!

My Own Prom Night Story

I have many happy memories of my own prom night. My own elegant prom dress choice was a rich chocolate cocktail dress with a halter top whose halter strings ran down the low back dress. I wore dainty stilettos with a shimmer black clutch. I had my hair updo done in an upscale salon.

My focus that night was all about a simple dress and a very dressy hair.

I looked different from everyone else who chose long dresses and gowns. No one came in a shorter dress or in a halter neck. Back then, I figured I wanted to look classic, yet different and a little chic. I was very fashion-influenced back then.

I stayed away from the color black (after all, you have your whole lives to wear black), from looking too mature, the standard gown pattern. I chose something classic, yet adding a little twist and personality into it, adhering to my principle of not compromising on elegance.

P.s. I did not become prom queen but I did win another queen title!

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