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Elegant Letters, Issue #004 — A Fresh Take On Elegance?

Hello ladies!

How are you all? I’m always ecstatic to check my emails and receive a happy email from you! March has flown by me much sooner than I thought. I had vowed to myself to write to you more than once a month, but erm, I think the last time I wrote was four weeks ago. I will try again next month. 🙂

Isn’t it all like of us to put things off? Why do we do that? I believe it is because there is a little perfectionism in all of us and if we can’t do it well, we won’t do it at all!

So I decided to just get to it TODAY, a little email to say hi and hello is better than no email at all.

Just when I cleared my desktop to write, my husband calls and to say he is on his way home and (so that usually means dinner preparations must commence!)

So okay, I’ll be quick…yes…I’ve got some little goodies for you. I hope you like them!

A New Face Lift

Elegantwoman.org has got a whole new FACELIFT! Check out Elegantwoman.org
I was so nervous changing the page, I almost dyed my hair orange in terror.

First of all, I became independent in my website building and built it from a more
professional program.

I’m still using SBI! of course, just that I had to learn alien jargons like CSS and HTML. I was so intimidated, and still am but I took the plunge and I did it! For weeks I’ve put my MSN tagline as ‘I’ve taken the plunge’ and ‘already in the deep end’.

My friends found it hilarious and all messengered me to see if I was okay.

I followed the 70 page guide and even brought them to LA with me on a trip wth some friends. And I did it!

So right now I’ve changed over about 22 pages to the new look with about 300 pages left to go from the site.

So don’t be alarmed if you click on a page and still see the old look.

I had to say goodbye to the old look. I took a snapshot of it and saved it in my diary.

It’s never easy to let go, is it?

57 lessons on Elegance

About two afternoons ago, I got inspired and decided to make a little list of mini lessons on elegance. I thought this could be useful because not all of us have the time to sit at a computer and read 10 pages.

It was also a good way of reminding ourselves of how much we know, and what we have learnt!

I actually felt energized after making that list. All of us different so make your own list! It will be your own brand of elegance.

See57 lessons on Elegance.

Online Classes & Complimentary E-course

I’ve revamped the E-courses and Online Classes page with a few features of our new look.

I was also able to offer a complimentary e-course through the company I work with! I was so glad.

I hope to offer more courses soon, so subscribe to my feed or wait for my next email/ezine. (Eunice chants: I will send ezines more regularly, I will send ezines more regularly..)

New e-courses and Online Classes Page, there is even a free E-course for Stay Home Moms.

10 Steps to Achieving Elegance – Secrets of Elegance ebook

It is a miracle, I’ve finished the book!

Well it is basically a run through of the 10 steps (in that order) that every woman takes as she grows in elegance.

I love it! Though I wish I had more graphics and amazing visuals to share. I’m not a designer and I’ve thought about it hiring one, but I want to make it as affordable as I can instead of sinking in costs that increases the price of the book.

I’m just finalizing the layout and getting a bit of professional help to finish the book with a bang! When it’s done, I’ll email again.

It should be available in my Shop page.

Alright ladies, I think I hear Colin’s car pulling up in the garage. Say hi to an old friend and show some extra love to one of your family members tonight!


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