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Elegant Letters, Issue #36 Elegance Without Much Money

Hi everyone!

How are all of you? How has the new year been treating you?

My apologies for not writing a few months. I have a few reasons and excuses ready. Want to hear them?

  • My web service provider changed its systems and I’m not used to it. (Half true).
  • I was really busy with work. (quite true.)
  • I was dancing ballet a lot. (very true.)
  • I was busy editing my 3rd book. (not so true, but I read some discouraging comments and let myself get discouraged thus left it aside for a while.)
  • I had some family issues to handle but I did not know how to cope with it. (also true).
  • Also, the newsletter and writing one article takes me a whole day – and since it is complimentary, I think I can take a break for a while?
  • Anyway, I hope those couple reasons will help you understand my absence. I also really appreciate those nice emails some of you wrote. I’ve tried my best to reply as much as I can. Please pardon me if I’m unable to reply.

    How to be Elegant on a Budget

    Without further ado, I took the whole day off to write about how to be elegant without much money. It’s been a topic that I’ve been wanting to write for a very long time.

    You see, sometimes women get discouraged because of their perceived lack of money. They think they could never be as elegant and beautiful than their wealthier counterparts. They might feel their homes will not be nice, so why bother? Also, some are afraid that because of their lack of finances, they cannot learn to be elegant, or raise elegant children.

    The truth is you can.

    Sure, some things might be inaccessible to you, but you probably don’t need them to be elegant.

    For those who struggle with this, I hope you will find encouragement!

  • How to be elegant without money
  • It is quite a long read, but I hope you’ll enjoy it! I’ve included fun links in the article too.

    If you have ideas or other inspirational stories, please type in the entry/comment box so you can help inspire and encourage others!

    It is now one hour past my dinner time, so I’ll pen off here for now.

    We’ll speak soon! Meanwhile, feel free to browse the site of 600 pages, there’s always things we need to revise and remind ourselves.

    Please take care of yourself and family, God bless.

    Thanks for reading!

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