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Elegant Letters, Issue #11 How elegant do you think you are?


Here is the working link for this month’s lesson on elegance.

How elegant are you?

Special thanks to a dear reader, kthomasmail.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Much love, Eunice

Pause for a moment and think, how elegant do you think you are?

“We are evaluated and classified by four things: by what we do, by how we look, by what we say, and by how we say it.”

– Dale Carnegie, in How to Develop Self-Confidence And Influence People By Public Speaking

In this month’s issue of Elegant Letters, I wanted to focus on self analysis. We can’t finetune what we can’t measure. This process of self-editing is used by great men and women who have accomplished great things and those elegant role models in our lives.

The same four things apply to evaluating our own measure of elegance: What we do, how we look, what we say and how we say it.

Take the ‘test’, go to How elegant are you?

I originally wrote this article for EzinesArticles and then decided to modify it for Elegantwoman.org.

That had been a tremendous struggle.

Firstly, it wasn’t something that could be answered so simplistically. Secondly, I had get around potentially politically incorrect topics.

(Maybe that is why the mysteries of social classes have been hidden for so long. More about that in a new ecourse below.)

My hope is that it’ll be used as a way of self-analysis and you’ll feel encouraged!

In a way, I hope to communicate the crux of elegance and then help you develop yourself in the way that you want to, while I stand by the sidelines cheering you on.

Go for it! Go for GOLD!

Struggling with Social Status

My favourite letter from readers this month is about a lovely lady living in New York struggling with social status and reality.

I admire her heartfelt honestly and it is something many struggle with. You can read what I wrote back in the comments.

I’ve stopped accepting etiquette questions for now because frankly, I’m not passionate about etiquette. It is part of elegance, that is why I write about it. But I can’t instruct the application of etiquette to

specific circumstance. Keeping an etiquette reference book at home like Emily Post’s Etiquette is handy.

Classy First Steps Online Course (New!)

We have a new online course!

“Classy First Steps” is an introduction to Classiness, the art of being classy and how to be classy.

By studying and analyzing the Pedigree woman, then we will learn to achieve the same classy style and mannerisms by breaking lessons down to actionable steps.

The course comes with a downloadable ebook and audio book containing all the lectures and tutorials
available at the end of the course. This enables you to continue working through the course.

I find this method of studying effective so that’s what I wanted to make this available.

Click here for more details.

Have an elegant month ahead. Hope all is well in your Christmas preparation plans. Thanks for reading! xoxo

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