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Elegant Letters, Issue #48 The Power of Practice – Use it in learning how to be elegant.

Up until a few weeks ago, I never fully realized the power of practice. I had always groaned at the word “practice” because when I was a young child, that meant sitting in front of the piano playing boring scales or doing pages of math problems so I could get good at it.

However, I had recently experienced some personal ‘breakthroughs’. And really, they aren’t all that important – they are just some things that I had always wanted to do.

All I had to do was to find an easy way to incorporate 2-3 minutes of practice a day into my daily routine. It doesn’t even have to be done perfectly!

I thought this is a great way to install elegant habits. Or change something about yourself, perhaps in your quest to become more polished.

So what would you like to get better at?

Click here to read how.

Practice one more time!

Announcements: Elegant Woman is Moving

I’m renovating and relocating the website, elegantwoman.org

The domain address will still be the same:

This is in order to serve you (and me) better. This is in spite of the website already undergoing a major change sometime in March this year. I still feel like I’m fighting against the lack of features of my current publishing platform.

I’m spending too much time trying to fix the site and its issues, which I should have spent on research and documenting them (and for you all).

I have so many half-written, and half-produced projects, simply because I cannot keep up. I long to work on them. The site has grown tremendously and I need a better platform, in order for me to focus on what I do best.

However, it is a long work in progress, though I have an ambitious aim to finish by Christmas.

Caution: I may lose contact with you…

I will probably be able to email you (like now) for one or two more times, before it will be some time before I can email again. I’m not quite sure yet because I will have to use a new mailing list provider, and I haven’t figured out the costs and how it works and everything.

When I do, I may also ask you to re-subscribe, that is in order to purge the many dead email addresses (that cost me $$$ to send emails to).

HOWEVER FOR NOW, in order not to miss anything, may I please encourage you to keep in contact via social media below.

But not to worry, once everything is set up, there will be that option of receiving the newsletter for those who prefer a personal email from me.

Thanks once again for all your support and patience! 🙂

Have a great day, thanks for reading,

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