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Elegant Letters, Issue #10 Mastering The Art of Being Classy

This month is focused on, “What makes a classy woman classy?

Being “classy” is a mark of refinement. You can be classy without the full measure of elegance or beauty. A classy woman appears to come from a long pedigree family and is more definitive in society.

Some women are naturally classy. They are because of how they were brought up, both by example and circumstance. And because of that, they enjoy the benefits of that culture and they assimilate easily into that community of like-minded folks.

Others, who do not know how to elevate themselves, who do not carry the mark of refinement, find themselves frustrated at the unspoken code.

So maybe you want to identify yourself with that character of being classy. You want to learn how to be classy because you want to be identified that way. So I summarized the five most important basics of
achieving that character. With these basics, you can springboard your way into the woman you want to be.

P.s. this is not the be all and end all of how to be classy – it would be as long as a book! (which I might write someday).

How A Classy Person Is Identified

Here are the main five qualities.

1. She treats everyone as an equal

2. She is Kind, Thoughtful And Considerate

3. She is a Quality over Quantity type of woman.

4. She Values Education and Self-Improvement

5. She Contributes to Society

Sounds easy? The difference is in all the details.

The page is too long to fit into this ezine so continue reading here:

How to Be Classy – Mastering The Art of Being Classy

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of food for thought!

Thanks for reading!

Have an elegant month ahead. xoxo

P.s. Thank you for all your wonderful emails. At this time, I’m not able to reply to all of them. I assure you that I read every one of them. Take care. 🙂

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