Elegant Inspiration during US Golf Open (Archived Blog Post)


My husband and I and some friends attended the US Golf Open last weekend.

It was a wonderful day, the sun was shining and the views were magnificent. Pebble beach has got to be one of the most beautiful golf courses.
I was a little apprehensive about the crowd because it was the final round. But somehow, with good planning, we were able to walk around following some our of favourite golfers and get the best seats for the last few rounds.
It was the closest I’ve ever been to the golf Greats. Tiger Woods, Tom Watson, Phil Mickelson and many more.
They look so calm and centered, even though they were under high pressure and competitive stress.
It made me think. That sense of calmness is one of the keys to elegance. It is a sense of faith and control. Even though you can’t control outside factors, you can control how you respond to any situation. That’s why people who have mastered elegance have also mastered this sense of calmness, no matter what the situation.
Never hurry, never rush. They are always in perfect pace.
What we see in the game of the elites are the result of years of investment. The investment of time, resources, stamina, practice and not to mention overcoming disappointment and frustration.
What are we doing today…what are we investing in our lives today to become the person we want to be?
Would you be interested in golf? It is a fascinating game. There are some golf etiquette to know. There is no doubt that it is a gentleman’s game (and for ladies too).

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