Luxury does not necessarily equate to elegance

A common misconception is that luxury goods are elegant. Well some are and some are not. But what matters more is how you use it and of what kind…

I came across this article at work today and it is about the use of advertising and how big luxury brands can cause us to behave irrationally.

After discussing it with my lecture group, I thought I’ll like to share with you two personal favourite quotes.

First quote:

What does the purchase of luxury goods afford? Potentially a concise and consciously indiscrete badge, screaming, “I’m a success, have money, can afford this! Acknowledge me!”

Second quote:

I say
the Human Condition is a Constantly Unsatisfied one. This is not a bad
thing. This is not a cynical statement. We are all in a permanent state
of desire, of wanting, for one thing or another. “Desire”
exists to address a deficiency, whether for food to appease hunger, or a
luxury handbag, to imbue social standing.  

Some food for thought perhaps?

These quotes or the article may mean different things to you.

Personally. the first quote is a good reminder whenever I want to buy something – I’ll ask myself, am I being to myself? Am I being honest? What do I hope to portray? Does this truly reflect me? Am I being superficial? If I am, on what basis? It may be alright if it is a small purchase for fun etc etc.

I used to buy luxury goods. I still do, on occasion, but I’m highly selective now. I’ve realised that to be elegant is to be authentic. If anything that does not truly reflect my current state, I shouldn’t wear it.

But those are my boundaries….they may not be the same as the boundaries you draw for yourself.

The second quote is a revelation to me that the truly free are those who understand themselves and are secure.  We will never be without desire but not all desires are the same. What does your desires say about you? This is not a call to judgement, but it is a little pitstop to think and reflect about life.

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