Beauty Pageant Girl Winners

Beauty Pageant Girls Winners

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Jennifer Hawkin, Miss Universe 2004

I’ll like to start this page with a quote from this book.

“She realizes that most success is learned through repeated effort – failure after failure – until a person puts it all together effectively.”

From her book, she describes twenty one characteristics of beauty pageant winners.

I would love to talk about them because I’ll like to be a winner in life. I believe these apply to winners in all areas, not just beauty pageants.

At least, my kind of winner.

Beauty Pageant Girls Winners

  1. Beauty Pageant Girls Winners accept parental influence – direct or indirect.

    Usually this is either backed with a strong relationship with supportive parents or she may want to win glory for her family.

  2. They have a strong spiritual life which they use as a base.

    Pageant winners have a faith to help them overcome the struggles, the negative. They learn how to have faith, which is vital throughout the journey.

  3. Beauty Pageant Girls Winners accept responsibility for winning.

    They might rely on God, depend on their parents for support but they don’t expect anyone, their trainer or so to do it for them. They accept that if they want it, they’re going to have to work for it.

    They make it happen.

  4. They have focus.

    They have the ability to have blinding concentration. The book quotes Nicola Svaldi, Miss Colorado USA, “Every day I thought about the pageant… I went to every pageant I could…I videotaped every pageant that was on television… I watched them over and over again,”

  5. Beauty Pageant Girls Winners have no ambivalence about winning.

    They don’t just “try to see what happens”. They want it badly and they go for it.

  6. Winners are willing to pay the price.

    They never look at it as ‘sacrifice’ but rather trade-off.

  7. Winners keep trying.

    Never give up and Never say die attitude.

  8. Beauty Pageant Girls Winners take action.

    They make it happen. They don’t sit around wishing, whining and wondering.

  9. Winners make a strong first impression.

    They are aware of the image they are projecting.

  10. Winners play up their uniqueness.

    They choose to believe they are special. They decide to like what is ‘different’ about them or a ‘short-coming’ that they have.

  11. Winners keep their word.

    I love this one.

    “The really top winners never — but never — say they will do something then not show up. They will never send a last minute cancellation message to your phone.”

    If they say will be somewhere at a certain time. You can count of them to turn up impeccably dressed.

    Their word is commitment.

  12. Winners have a strong sense of awareness.

    They have an eye of a hawk and notice what is going on around them. They are self aware and people aware. They use their trained acute awareness to improve themselves and make edits.

  13. They project happiness.

    Whether or not they truly are, they will fake it out of consideration for others.

  14. Beauty Pageant Girls Winners are master communicators.

    They understand all aspects of communication. Facial expression, eye contact, body language etc. Even wearing make up, their posture, poised etc. They are effective communicators on every single level.

  15. Winners seek to become well-rounded.

    I was once criticized to be a self-help junkie. I never thought I was one, I just simply enjoyed studying winning strategies…so that is why I was happy to read that Pageant winners are the ultimate self-help girls.

    They are information hungry.

  16. They recognize or create opportunities.

    They don’t sit back and let life happen to them.

    Miss America 1980 tells how her small town couldn’t have a preliminary pageant and convinced her bestfriend to join so they could have a pageant to go on to Miss Mississippi. She won the crown and went on to the state pageant where she won Miss Mississippi and later on she went out to Atlantic City to win Miss America.

  17. They are strategists.

    Winners are aware of competition and study them and figure out how to beat competition.

    They know how to differentiate themselves.

    They can size up a situation and apply themselves effectively.

  18. They know that words have power.

    They choose their words carefully and you’ll never catch them calling themselves, “stupid”, “ugly” etc

    They know what it is important to tell or not to tell. They know what is appropriate to say, or not.

  19. Winners are someone you can identify with.

    They are normal, and people identify with them. They’ve got struggles, preferences and feelings. They simply refuse to be rude and have a heart for people.

  20. Winners put it all together.

    They hold themselves well and always seem to be in control of their lives. They will never let their lives fall apart.

  21. Winners have a dream.

    I love Ginie’s words: (slightly abridged)

    “Dreams differ from goals because goals indicate a road map with a destination. “

    Dreams have no such clarity of how to achieve them.”

    “Goals are brainwork and footwork. Dreams are heartwork.”

    And my favourite of them all

    “Pageant winners use visualization, intuition, and the magic of make-believe called practice to play inside those dreams, reinforcing them until they come true.”

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