Wardrobe Refashioning – Essentials

Wardrobe Essentials

How to Build An Elegant Wardrobe that Works

Wardrobe Refashioning Essentials – How to Build An Elegant Wardrobe That Works. The Elegant Woman’s Guide to A Basic Wardrobe.

If you have just joined us from our foundation of an elegant wardrobe page, you’ll understand how to build a basic, classic wardrobe that works.

Understanding your lifestyle, planning, editing and maintaining are keys. It is not necessary to have a large quantity of clothes to be well dressed, if we learn how to mix and match elegantly.

In the previous page, we established Wardrobe Refashioning, Step One – The Wardrobe Edit and Discard.

And now we’ll move on to Step two.

wardrobe essentials

Wardrobe Refashioning Step Two

Acquiring Your Basics

After pruning and editing your wardrobe, you’ll have to figure out if you have your ‘Everyday Basics’.

What are your Everyday Basics clothes?

This is the category of clothes the clothes you wear in your everyday life.

For instance, if you work, your Everyday Basics clothes would be white blouses, black skirts, grey pants etc. If you are a stay home mother, your
clothes could be silk blouses and capri pants.

Not Enough Everyday Basics clothes

You can tell the kind of priorities someone has by the what they spend on. And this can be applied to your clothes as well.

If a girl loves Stileto heels because she loves the way her legs look in them. She spends hundreds of dollars on them but
would only part $20 for a pair of shoes she wears to work everyday. If she had put more thought into her Everyday Basics wardrobe,
she’ll realize she can look better at work and feel better. An elegant woman is elegantly dressed all the time.

Wardrobe Essentials

There is also another reason why people have too many items of one thing and not enough of what they really need. Such is ‘aspirational shopping’.

I’ve met someone who was crazy over Snowboarding, and every time he goes into a Snowboarding shop, he’ll come out with a new T-shirt. Did he need that many Snowboarding T-shirts? Not exactly, especially in most of the days, he is an accountant working in an corporate office down town.

There are girls who buy expensive and glamorous clothes, bags and shoes but do not really have too much of a social life. They aspire to that lifestyle. While there
is certainly nothing wrong with that, it often is a waste of money and closet space. You’ll end up having more things to sort out and deal with the guilt
of its less than optimal use.

Everyday basics should be clothes that can be worn like a uniform and throughout the year. Your Everyday basics depends on your lifestyle.

How to know if you do not have enough of the Everyday Basics?

  1. Do you take too long to get dressed?
  2. Do you have a hard time finding something to go with tops or bottoms?
  3. Do you always feel a slight tinge of embarrassment when you open the door of your house, or when you have chance meeting with your friend?
  4. Do you feel daggy? Or too casual?

If you work from home, house dresses and negligees are important.

Take some time to think about your everyday basics. Make a little virtual wardrobe or scrapbook of clothes you love to wear everyday. Take that shopping with you and be disciplined. Buy only what you have mapped out for yourself. Make some effort, and you’ll be on your way to building an elegant wardrobe that you love!

Come back here when you’re done with this step. All done? Let’s Proceed to Wardrobe Refashioning Step Three: Analyzing Your Lifestyle – Matching Your Clothes to the Lifestyle You have.

Or Return to Wardrobe Refashioning Step One – Edit & Discard

Clothing identifies who you are in your world. If you met someone who was dressed and groomed in such a manner that you could not relate to them, you would never know if the person had a heart of gold or not. – Ginie Sayles.

Thank you for reading ‘Wardrobe Essentials Step Two’!

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