Becoming a Woman of the Finest Class e-book

A Guide to Class and Refinement


Becoming a Woman of the Finest Class – A Guide to Class and Refinement (e-book)

Description of this ebook:

We may celebrate the diminishing social class system, but genteel manners are forgotten; gallantry and chivalry are abandoned.

However, there still exists an old ruling class who continue to operate with the same values, deportment and traditions. One can’t help but admire the dignified and respectful way they conduct their lives. Even though they may no longer have their original fortunes, they continue to live gracefully. They are a society of the finest class.

In Becoming a Woman of the Finest Class the author presents a study of how one can acquire a similar appearance of gentility and finesse. She draws from her studies of the history of civilization, nobility and aristocracy, and observations of the modern elite, to explore and dissect the mysterious qualities of class.

160 pages.

The book is divided into four sections. For more information, see below.

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Becoming a Woman of the Finest Class (Paperback)

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This book is largely an extension of my article of ‘How to be Classy‘. I have four sections in the book, which I believe is what unlocks the understanding of how ‘Class’ came about.

The first is on a bit of history and definitions, the second is on values, which governs behaviour, the third is on characteristics or class distinctions and the fourth is on education – a non exhaustive reference.

Why did I write the book?

The words class and classy are mysterious ones. If you talk to people from different races and culture, they can almost simultaneously agree on who is classy or what is not classy but if you ask each one to give a reasonable explanation, you’ll find yourself dissatisfied with the answers.

Similarly to how I described how Kate Middleton was elevatable (not a real word) and positioned to marry a prince in my
Elegant Letters Issue 16, Becoming a Woman of the Finest Class is all about that.

Now, I have to let you know you that this is not an academic paper but my personal observations, study and opinion of those in the finer classes over a period of 10 years.

There are far more ‘scientific’ studies out there, written for people who study psychology, sociology and anthropology. I, on the other hand, wrote it for myself, simply as a person who wants to be the best as she can be. This book is just one way of doing that.

Topics Covered

This is a sample of the topics: (P.s. I did not include everything in the table of contents, because it would be far too long.)

Section 1 – Definition of Class and History

  • Origins of Social Class
  • Beauty of Proper Bearing
  • Becoming Equals
  • Attributes of Class and its measure
  • Needs before Refinement

Section 2 – Pedigree Values

  • Values of the Finest Class
  • Where do these values come from?
  • How does a fine woman value people?
  • The Class act

Section 3 – Class Distinctions

  • What distinguishes the people of class (A big section)
  • Expanding Your References
  • Deportment

Section 4 – Education Section

  • More on the How-Tos, guide to taking action.
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