Elegant Table Settings Gallery

elegant table settings 21

Elegant Table Settings

A Continuation Of A Visual Gallery

Get an Elegant Table Cloth

Sometimes that’s all you need.

elegant table settings 11
Love the elegant motif table cloth. Photo credit: Tracy Hunter

Juicy Candy Bar!

Though this isn’t exactly an “elegant table setting”,
I couldn’t resist adding it to my collection of ideas – why not have a candy “bar”? It is a real treat for
all the kid in us.

elegant table settings 12

Absolutely love how the candies are a fantasy come true. Photo credit:
Tracy Hunter

Elegant Setting for A Long Table

elegant table settings 13
White candles lined in the middle.
Photo credit: Tracy Hunter

A Lantern’s Glow

The tennis court transformed beautifully.
You would hardly know what is was. And just the right size for a party for 400 people.
Just shows you the only limitations are imagination and budget.

elegant table settings 14
The use of lanterns can make such a difference.
Photo credit:Tracy Hunter

Black and Gold

A good decorative theme for a champagne cocktail party.

elegant table settings 15
Added touch with diamond sparkles sprinkled in the middle.
Photo credit: Tracy Hunter

Interesting use of Jumbo Cocktail Glass

Some white sand and tea light candles – its so simple really!
I’ve already noted this idea down for my next dinner party.

It makes a unique, easy-to-do centerpiece.

elegant table settings 16
Photo credit: Tracy Hunter

The Lure Of Sangria’s

Presentation is always very important. This pictures makes me want to get some myself.
I love the color saturation and abundance of lemons. And oh, the glass dispenser too is rather chic.

elegant table settings 17
I want one of these drink dispensers! Photo credit:
Tracy Hunter

Raspberry Martini

Raspberry martini samples. I’m sure this was a popular station.

Note to myself: Use only very colorful drinks!

elegant table settings 18
Somehow it adds to the vibrancy of the atmosphere.
Photo credit: Tracy Hunter

Tastefully Feminine

Girls night in?

Love those tulips in water and in jars.

elegant table settings 19
The play with pinks.
Photo credit: Tracy Hunter

A Closer look at The Elegant Centerpiece

The same table setting as above, but a close up. Here you can see the prettiness of the submerged flowers.

elegant table settings 20
Photo credit: Peter Long

Stick it to Whites

If in doubt, use everything white.

The different shades of white always complements glass and silverware. I also love how the table cloths extend all the way to the ground.

elegant table settings 21
The best backup decorating idea -when all else fails. Photo credit: Tracy Hunter

Wow, uploading all these pictures have not been easy. Hope you have enjoyed them. All the best for your elegant party!

Thank you for reading “Elegant Table Settings Gallery!”


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