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    Wedding Shower Etiquette

    What is it all about? wedding shower etiquette, wedding shower invitation etiquette, bridal shower etiquette, bridal shower The Wedding Shower: Traditionally showers are a women-only affair when sometimes the groom makes…

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    Why Beauty Matters

    Learn why beauty matters and why you should make effort to be beautiful. ” How you look matters. Not in a petty, superficial way, but because how you look reflects how…

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    Business Workplace Email Etiquette

    As with everything else, the moment you are in contact with people, etiquette rules apply. 🙂 Email manners are more important than we realize. Why? Reading text with no sound, no…

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    The Dream of a Refined Womanhood

    With blurred lines of society today, I write about my discovery of being a refined womanhood. Although we are all born with it intrinsically, it is a art that can be…

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    A Welcome Note!

    Please read before using the site. I try to address as much of the frequently asked questions about the site. Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting elegantwoman.org – your support…

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    Wedding Reception Etiquette

    Understanding wedding reception etiquette is essential for elegant wedding reception. This page is about etiquette at a wedding reception, etiquette wedding reception toasts, wedding reception ideas, proper wedding etiquette. A wedding…