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    Elegance With Not Much Money

    You can be elegant with not much money. I’ve had lots of people ask, “Can I be elegant even though I don’t have much money?”. Personally, I understand this because, unlike…

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    elegantwoman.org Advertising Enquiries

    Thank you for your interest. I made this page because of the growing enquiries for ad placements on elegantwoman.org. I appreciate all your emails and I’m certain many of your products…

  • Inspiration

    Elegant Aspirations What Are Yours?

    Here is my elegant aspirations. What is your elegant goal? Do you have something that you’re working towards to? It could be to have better posture, a refined manner of eating,…

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    Elegant Women

    I’m a thousand times more inspired by elegant women than the beauty of beautiful things (though they are very lovely). I like to archive biographies and pictures of women who inspire…