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Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation – How to enjoy the Arts – How to appreciate art. This is an article about how I’ve found my passion and little niche in the art world and how I’ve discovered that they are all connected. Learning to appreciate the art is a pleasure and a joy; it is fulfilling and not as hard as some make it out to be. Why are the arts so important? Why should you support the arts? I’ve always been a lover of the Arts. I enjoyed literature, history, musicals, ballet, vocals … I also loved to sing, dance, write, paint and decorate. I appreciate elegant design. It was only recently that I discovered that these arts are somewhat related to…

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Value of Liberal Arts Education

What is the value of a Liberal Arts Education? Why is it important in learning to be classy? ‘The quickest way to cut across Class lines is through education.’ – Ginie Sayles Better yet, combine it with an overseas liberal arts education through a scholarship. There is great respect for education among the high achievers, or the upper classes as one might say. This class trait is more important than having money. What type of education? Not all ‘types of education’ is created equal. Those possessing finer feathers stress that to be an accomplished lady, a liberal arts education from a private college is preferably pursued. Why? Why study the liberal arts when it is not a ‘professional’ skill? What…

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Emily Post Manners On The Art of Conversation

Emily post manners on The Art of Conversation. Seek “Conversation topics” in a Miss Manners Advice style and the importance of manners in conversation. Based on a book on manners, Emily Post’s Etiquette The art of good conversation is essential to elegance. About to attend a party? Would you like to gain an extra bit of confidence? The good conversationalist: “Ideal conversation is an exchange of thought, not an eloquent exhibition of wit or oratory.” Emily Post’s Etiquette The Good Conversationalist From Emily Post Manners, Contrary to popular belief, it is not essential to have a wide vocabulary or have lots of experiences. A good conversationalist is not to be a naturally a chatty person either. Conversation is a two…

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Classical Education School Curriculum

The following page about Classical Education School Curriculum is based on The Well-Trained Mind by Susan and Jessie Bauer. In my previous post on “What is a Classical Education?”, I wrote about how a classical education is synonymous to the obtaining a sort of sophisticated elegance, which will result in your possession of a intellectual self-confidence. Elegant folks seem to prefer a liberal arts education, but for the select women who prefer to study and take on projects at her own pace, you can read a classical education at home on your own! After researching on methods to do this, I found this book The Well-Trained Mind to be very effective in charting my own education. Though written for parents…

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Classical Education For Elegance

Why Classical Education? It is beneficial to be classically educated for a woman, especially if she desires to obtain a sophisticated sort of elegance. In my recent search on the study of elegance, I’ve discovered how certain types of education produced elegant and sophisticated women. I realized the importance of classical education. What is Classical Education? In The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home, Susan and Jessie Bauer explains what is classical education: A Classical Education is language-intensive and not image focused. It demands that students use and understand words, not video images. It is also history intensive and aims to help students understand the view of human endeavor from the beginning until now. It trains the…

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Elegant Letters, Issue #33 The importance of good schools

This newsletter is better viewed on browser Chrome and worst viewed on Internet Explorer. P.s. If you are seeing “Hello >”, it means that you didn’t key in your name when you signed up for this newsletter. You can unsubscribe and re-subscribe again. Hello everyone! I was having a hard time deciding about what to feature in’s newsletter. I hope to give everyone as much value as possible (even though this is a complimentary newsletter). You see, I’ve covered the basics like basic etiquette, personal grooming, dining elegantly, art of conversation, elegant dressing. I’ve also talked a little about what makes a woman elegant, what exactly is class … all of this could be found in the pages on…

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