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Having One Manner For All

As I was thinking about how to write this article, I recall an event that I attended once in San Francisco Bay. It was a networking event among entrepreneurs, start-up executives, angel investors and venture capitalists. I didn’t exactly fall into any of those categories. I was just there, waiting for a friend who was a Venture Capitalist i.e. VC, who sat on the panel of judges. (We met in university). We were going out to dinner later. His job was to listen to interesting pitches, which happened at the end of a microphone, and comment on whether it is viable, thus opening the conversations that would happen at the informal networking sessions after. As I had never been to…

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Non-Defensiveness – A Trait of a Highly Respected Woman

I was watching a re-run of Project Runway the other night, as a mode of relaxation (I find some comfort in watching re-runs of my favorite shows – haha) and something struck me as what I’ll term as an characteristic of refinement. It is somewhat a sign of classy behavior. It is about being non-defensive and being able to accept criticism with a cool head. There was this designer who was criticized for his work and his work ethic. I was rather impressed at how he just stood calm and confident, yet humble to admit to some of things he was criticized for, and yet not throwing anyone else (the other contestants) under the bus. From the way he responded, you…

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An Elegant Mind?

An Elegant Mind: Elegance comes from the mind. How to develop an elegant mind. This is my personal tribute to one of the greatest man, Lee Kuan yew, that ever lived It is my habit to study people who stand out in ways that I admire. I hang on to their words, watch like a hawk at their actions, and try to figure out how they make decisions. I study their choices in life – which is really telling of the character they are. I sometimes go further, I try to study their parents, family, environment to figure out if it is their upbringing that made them who they are. I wonder if it is all because of the luck…

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a mother's words
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Best Mother’s Day Gifts

I’ve thought long and hard about the Best Mother’s Day gifts. Though some people might feel ‘Mother’s Day’ is too commercial, I’m still grateful somebody decided to devote a day out of the 365 days to commemorate mothers. I’ve always been a Mummy’s girl. I enjoyed picking out presents for my mother over the years. Some years when I was busy, I simply sent flowers. Sometimes I wrote a card. And worse, other times I made a phone call. I’ve never forgotten because I’m grateful to all the advertising you see and hear during that time. What makes the best gifts for mothers day? Your actions and words of love. Material things come and go, flowers die but it is…

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How To Be Gentle

Lessons on how to be gentle derived from elegant women whose poise and grace inspire us. It all began when I asked my friend, “How is it that you’re so gentle?” He told me that he was gentle as a child. He attributes that to his calm personality. Being gentle does not mean a lack of passion or strength. He went on to be a competitive tennis player and a well-known tennis coach. Gentleness can be seen as passion and strength directed inward, instead of outwards. And so that sparked my curiosity on how to achieve the same effect, if we are not born with those gentleness-inclined personalities. There are many misconceptions of being gentle. It is often associated with…

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Ip Man
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The Fine Gentlemen

Though my focus is on women, I write this because I have a dream of marrying a gentleman, as well as raising my boys to be absolute gentlemen. A respectable gentlemanly appearance is just as important for men as a feminine elegant appearance is for women. These are the SHOULD NOTS: – Men should never be flashy or loud in their dressing with fashionable spikey hair or prints. ‘Funky’ and ‘cool’ may be quite vulgar. – adorn any sort of vulgarity in words or prints on their T-shirts. – Wear any sort of jewelry including metal bracelets but their wedding band and wristwatch. – Wear trousers that are too tight, shorts that are too short unless running or in a…

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How To Be Lovely

“The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.” – Plato from Lovely Quotes Elegance must be combined with loveliness, because one usually not just desire to be elegant simply for themselves, but to shed a little joy around her and beautify her world. If you look up the dictionary today, you’ll find that ‘loveliness’ is defined as ‘an exquisite beauty’. Researching deeper, I’ve found that the intrinsic meaning of that beauty is natural, internal and it comes from all the goodness and love from the heart. So how to be absolutely lovely? Cultivate Loveliness I’ve found that it is easier to ‘be the right person’ than to ‘try to be the right person’…

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the elegant woman book
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Effortless Elegance

Effortless elegance is a quality found in elegant women. I explored this principle of elegance and this is my interpretation. I started thinking about beautiful elegant women and how they make it all seem effortless. As in my previous posts/articles, I had written about the ‘principle of editing’. A large part of attaining elegance is to edit, edit, edit. This means you prune your wardrobe, get rid of clutter, say no to unnecessary events or activities that may take a toil on your health or finances, minimise contact with people who get you down etc. Elegance is also about being authentic, where you analyse your thoughts, your choices etc, to see if you’re truly being yourself. You’ll also take time…

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The Grace of God abounds, being a woman of grace
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Be a Woman Known For Your Grace

The mesage of grace: Be known as a woman of grace. Hold yourself to a standard of grace, not perfection and remember to extend that same measure of grace to others. I am from one of the biggest churches in Singapore, and known internationally for its message of Grace. Just this weekend, I sat (albeit nonchalantly) in this grand theatre of the STAR building, listening to my Pastor’s sermon, which as usual, is infused with grace. “Just another day in New Creation Church,” I thought to myself. I’ll admit to you right now that I do feel a little ashamed for dismissing the importance of hearing about grace because it seemed to me that my pastor had been harping on…

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A Woman with Integrity

A woman with integrity is an elegant woman. Having integrity is more than having morals or not cheating/stealing, it is about being a woman who is dependable and who has principles. She is definitely not a push-over. An elegant woman is one who has integrity. What does it mean to be an elegant woman with integrity? Let’s look at some definitions of integrity. Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. Integrity can be regarded as the opposite of hypocrisy, in that integrity regards internal consistency as a virtue, and suggests that parties holding apparently conflicting values should…

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