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Having One Manner For All

As I was thinking about how to write this article, I recall an event that I attended once in San Francisco Bay. It was a networking event among entrepreneurs, start-up executives, angel investors and venture capitalists. I didn’t exactly fall into any of those categories. I was just there, waiting for a friend who was a Venture Capitalist i.e. VC, who sat on the panel of judges. (We met in university). We were going out to dinner later. His job was to listen to interesting pitches, which happened at the end of a microphone, and comment on whether it is viable, thus opening the conversations that would happen at the informal networking sessions after. As I had never been to…

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Be Still

I recently came back from Japan and was inspired by the beauty and elegance of the country and its people. One of the things I’ve noticed is their ability to be still and be calm. If you speak Japanese, or have a chance to become good friends with someone from that culture, you will notice that they have many expressions of ‘being calm’. They will talk about staying calm and being calm. They aspire to be calm. Being calm is highly valued in Japanese society. And the result of this sense of calm is ‘stillness’. Stillness is important in elegance. Here are the reasons why 1) Stillness influences your countenance, manners and your mannerisms. Stillness evokes an appearance of calmness…

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University of St Andrews, Kate Middleton's biography
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Kate Middleton – Biography

Interested in Kate Middleton’s Biography? I am too! Read about the latest elegant role model Kate middleton. Kate Middleton has shown the world grace, elegance and poise. Here’s a little bit about her. See also why she is a role model for elegance. Now officially known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge after one of the highest profile wedding in the world. She is now married to Prince William. Kate Middleton was born as Catherine Elizabeth Middleton on 9th of January in 1982. At age 2 – 4, her family moved to Jordan for work. She later returned Berkshire, England in September 1986. Kate Middleton’s Education St Andrew’s, Marlbourough College In September 1986, Kate attended St Andrew’s prep School in Pangbourne,…

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Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation – How to enjoy the Arts – How to appreciate art. This is an article about how I’ve found my passion and little niche in the art world and how I’ve discovered that they are all connected. Learning to appreciate the art is a pleasure and a joy; it is fulfilling and not as hard as some make it out to be. Why are the arts so important? Why should you support the arts? I’ve always been a lover of the Arts. I enjoyed literature, history, musicals, ballet, vocals … I also loved to sing, dance, write, paint and decorate. I appreciate elegant design. It was only recently that I discovered that these arts are somewhat related to…

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Learning to be Elegant by Performing

Learning to be Elegant by Performing In many ways, learning how to sing and performance has taught me many lessons on how to be elegant. I think I now understand why so many performers are so elegant in their ways. A few days ago, I had a nerve-wrecking experience. I had to sing in front of a live audience! I blame my singing teacher, he made me do it. I have had only six months of training, and any proper training before that was rather done haphazardly over many years. I learned many things from that experience – some of the lessons which could be applied to learning to be an elegant woman. #1 You can still communicate something beautiful,…

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Dating Tips For Women Pg Two

Welcome to more dating tips for women! This is a continuation of the previous page, or rather, similar dating tips but categorized to each stage of the relationship. What To Do When He Calls When he calls you, I reckon its half the battle won! If he is just a friend, he values your friendship. If you guys have been going out on dates or had a first date, you can be sure that he does like you. Greet him with a warm hello. Be interested in him. Ask him how was his week. Be light-hearted. Don’t demand to know why he didn’t call sooner, even if he hasn’t called for 2 weeks. Always end the phone calls first. Don’t…

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training posture
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Correcting Bad Posture

All about correcting bad posture, maintaining posture, posture help, help with posture and how to improve posture. Good posture is essential to poise, elegance and complements elegant dressing. It is also part of personal grooming. How to Correct your Posture Do a self check. See if you can ‘draw’ a straight line from your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. The old fashioned tip is to balance a book on your head. Even if you can balance well, be sure that the straight line can be drawn! I know of women who can model, strut, slouch with a book on their head, yet it does not mean they have good posture. At the moment, my posture correcting journey to wear…

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Cutlery Etiquette – Eating Utensils Etiquette

Cutlery etiquette – For those who want to know how to hold their utensils properly. Both Continental and American style are accepted in cutlery etiquette. The difference is that the American style of using utensils has a zigzag sort of manner, leaving one utensil on the plate and switching hands to pick up the fork when putting the food in the mouth. The Continental style eats with both utensils in hand until the meal is finished. For countries that has western dining, Continental style is usually followed. Both methods are acceptable in these countries. Cutlery will differ according to what is served. For instance, if there is pudding, a set of pudding utensils, a pudding spoon and fork will be…

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a mother's words
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Best Mother’s Day Gifts

I’ve thought long and hard about the Best Mother’s Day gifts. Though some people might feel ‘Mother’s Day’ is too commercial, I’m still grateful somebody decided to devote a day out of the 365 days to commemorate mothers. I’ve always been a Mummy’s girl. I enjoyed picking out presents for my mother over the years. Some years when I was busy, I simply sent flowers. Sometimes I wrote a card. And worse, other times I made a phone call. I’ve never forgotten because I’m grateful to all the advertising you see and hear during that time. What makes the best gifts for mothers day? Your actions and words of love. Material things come and go, flowers die but it is…

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How To Be Gentle

Lessons on how to be gentle derived from elegant women whose poise and grace inspire us. It all began when I asked my friend, “How is it that you’re so gentle?” He told me that he was gentle as a child. He attributes that to his calm personality. Being gentle does not mean a lack of passion or strength. He went on to be a competitive tennis player and a well-known tennis coach. Gentleness can be seen as passion and strength directed inward, instead of outwards. And so that sparked my curiosity on how to achieve the same effect, if we are not born with those gentleness-inclined personalities. There are many misconceptions of being gentle. It is often associated with…

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