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    Marriage Proposal Etiquette

    This page seeks to answer ‘What is marriage proposal etiquette?’ For most of us, we have no idea of what is the proper etiquette for proposing, or being proposed to, until…

  • wedding as academy awards?

    Miss Manners Wedding Etiquette Part Two

    Miss Manners Wedding Etiquette’s Terrible Idea – The Wedding as My Day Maybe the idea of the wedding as being “my” day isn’t that great after all. “Wisdom apparently often deserts…

  • Kate Middleton Photos
    Case Studies

    Model Kate Middleton as an Elegant Woman

    Our Model Kate Middleton – Reproduced and adapted from my monthly newsletter – “Elegant Letters Issue 16”. Sign up here. It was about how the newly crowned Duchess of Cambridge is…

  • Manners & Etiquette

    Mrs Manners

    Names and Titles How to properly change your name when you are married. Married Name Change Etiquette Mrs Manners – the manners of being a “Mrs” and titles, during a married…