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Model Kate Middleton as an Elegant Woman

Kate Middleton Photos

Kate Middleton Photos

Our Model Kate Middleton – Reproduced and adapted from my monthly newsletter – “Elegant Letters Issue 16”. Sign up here. It was about how the newly crowned
Duchess of Cambridge is a role model of elegance for us .

There will always be those who disagree, but I think Kate Middleton makes a good role model as an elegant woman to us and the
rest of the world. Now, when I say role model Kate Middleton, I don’t mean perfect…no one is perfect, but let’s
look for wonderful, admirable qualities instead of looking for perfection hey?

She is indeed a fresh air of elegance – tasteful, appropriate, graceful who has impeccable taste from what I’ve seen so far.

Inevitably, there are some people who are jealous that a ‘commoner’ like her who is lucky enough to catch the eye of one of world’s most eligible bachelors (ex-bachelor now).

While luck is just one factor, women like her don’t usually marry out of their class and circle if they are not exposed to their world i.e. their paths must cross and is able to cope or assimilate without much fuss. And those two conditions the soon-to-be princess have fulfilled.

What do I mean by that?

Leveling Up

Kate Middleton Photos
Attending countless events.

People from the elite classes (network, community, society, whichever word you prefer to use) like the royals
often feel uncomfortable if they feel unmatched in terms of dressing, manners and outlook on life.
If someone else from another culture stood gasping and amazed at everything you wear, do or say, it will conjure uncomfortable
feelings and occasional guilt. This is human nature, regardless of social status.

If they did marry out of their circle, it is because they either want to leave their society, or that the person they married can comfortably absorb and integrate into their lifestyles and lives.

Prince William knew that his life was not normal and his new wife would have to cope the the demands of being a royal, immense
media attention, royal duties and in many ways sacrifice a lot – not being able to do regular jobs, set up any business, and in some
ways become somewhat like a ‘property of the State’. He said he gave her enough time to see if she really wanted ‘all of this’ that came
with marrying him, (which I thought was really really sweet). See their first interview ever since they became engaged.

Kate Middleton Photos

I believe Ms. Middleton is not free of ‘mistakes’, having grown up out of the limelight and any association with royalty, she has had a long courtship period with the Prince allowing her to get attuned with royal etiquette and culture.

Little Ms model Kate Middleton showed us that it was not effortless. Like all things, acquiring elegance takes a bit of work.

Take for instance Kate Middleton, who not only undertook intense etiquette training in the lead-up to her marriage to Prince William, but also has an army of royal minders whose job it is to make sure she doesn’t put a McQueen-clad foot wrong.
Sydney Morning Herald

Model Kate Middleton Fit To Marry a Prince

Some may say it is luck, but I like to think it had more to do with luck. Credit should be given to her and her parents. She already
had a good foundation before meeting the Prince.

She had a very good education.

She was accustomed to wealth. She was wealthy herself.

She was a high achiever and accomplished.

She excelled in sports in school, especially hockey and cross-country running. She was also proficient in sports including tennis, hockey, swimming, netball and rounders.

She loved art, as Prince William does, and graduated with a history of art degree.

In her middle school days, young Kate was a real golden girl – excelling at sport, drama and music. She also took part in plays, learned ballet and tap, and was a skilled flautist and singer.

She was impeccably dressed at all times and had impeccable taste.

She has a solid, squeaky clean image. She was well-behaved at all times.

She has integrity, even though they broke up in 2007, she did not become a sell-out and refused to speak or explain to the media.

She coped without complaining when she did not have access to royal protection since before her official status.

She was down-to-earth. Apart from her gentle demeanor always, she took public transport, bought high street brands, and wore things over and over again. How not to love her?

She understood the pressures and the cruelty of the limelight, yet she was unfazed. She treated Prince William as a person, and as a man, even helping with cooking when he came home from work.

She volunteered for charity. (Great start to her royal duties as the new princess). After all, she was model Kate Middleton for a charity benefit which caught Prince William’s eye.

She took care of herself – it is evident that people don’t get a body like hers without working out and eating healthily! This is important because men, subconsciously choose healthy and fit women as they have a greater chance of producing children.

She had almost all the layers of class.

I mean, I think the royals are lucky to have her! That’s what I mean when I said she was elevate-able. She could fit into the royal social life and set. The royals feel comfortable with her and they can be themselves.

One other thing, she was positioned to meet the Prince or other eligible bachelors. She went to the same school where he did and maybe unknowingly put herself out there for organizing and taking part in a charity fashion show.

She is an inspiring tasteful and elegant woman! I’ll always be rooting for her. 🙂

Thank you for reading ‘Model Kate Middleton as an Elegant Woman ‘!

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