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    elegant french weddings

    Elegant French Weddings Elegant French Weddings aren’t your typical break-the-bank kind of wedding. How is it that they are still so stylish and chic? I investigate. A french wedding isn’t your typical modern day break-the-bank kind of wedding. It focuses on traditional values of family, authenticity and celebration. Here is a quick insight… After deciding to take up the French language as a hobby, I discovered why so many people desire to be “french”. They use french words as much…

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    Miss Manners Wedding Etiquette Part Three

    An observation of the modern wedding where wedding etiquette is not heeded: “everyone is costumed, but none of it matches. groom is in white tie, best man and groomsmen are in…

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    Marriage Proposal Etiquette

    This page seeks to answer ‘What is marriage proposal etiquette?’ For most of us, we have no idea of what is the proper etiquette for proposing, or being proposed to, until…

  • wedding as academy awards?

    Miss Manners Wedding Etiquette Part Two

    Miss Manners Wedding Etiquette’s Terrible Idea – The Wedding as My Day Maybe the idea of the wedding as being “my” day isn’t that great after all. “Wisdom apparently often deserts…

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    Elegant Weddings

    A list of our elegant wedding pages. Planning your wedding? Here are some pages of weddings written on elegantwoman.org. Though this is not a wedding site, I believe weddings should be…