Updating Your Grooming … and How to Look Expensive

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Not many people know this but years ago, I worked in a fashion magazine, as an fashion and beauty’s editorial assistant.

I didn’t know much about grooming and I hardly wore any make up. Imagine that! Going to work in a fashion magazine, not really knowing how to dress or put on make up! Anyway, it was during that period of time I had learned the most, not just about fashion and beauty but about presenting myself, socializing and working with people.

At the magazine house, I felt like I was a kid in a candy store. There were rows and rows of beauty products, designer clothes and shoes, home decor, art etc. I was constantly given samples to try and write about.  I learned so much about beauty and make up brands and types of product. There was so much to learn!When I left overseas to go to college, my editor gave a big goodie bag of make up and wished me well.

That goodie bag of make up served me well. I used it to go clubbing in those happening Sydney college days, shopping with the girlfriends, dinners and dates and everything! My make up skill level was basic but I had youth on my side!
As I grew older, I began to care for my skin and put very little make up. Thus, you can say that my very little skills deteriorated even further. So for the past few years, I had been looking simple, fairly groomed – but it wasn’t my best. My lack of skills became more prominent when suddenly I had a big event coming up… like my brother’s wedding recently.  I wanted to save money by doing my own make up. Thus, I started studying Youtube make up tutorials and Korean make up tutorials on Pinterest (I’m Asian – and prefer the Asian style make up for my Asian features).

I had discovered, not only had I been outdated in the WAY I had been applying make up, my beauty and make up products are outdated.There are so many new innovations! Even my expensive Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder make up brushes bought years ago are not as great as the really inexpensive drugstore make up brushes! Way to go for advancement so all of us can enjoy great products at more affordable prices.

Applying beauty products and make up requires a somewhat technical skill and that comes with practice. I was sorely out of it. It took me a long time to do my make up for my brother’s wedding day but I had managed with a fair amount of difficulty. I had to also update and buy a few new products to help me. Being Asian, I don’t have the big long eye lashes and so I had to use a natural looking false lash. It was extremely difficult to get it on properly! I marvel in awe at my friends who are used to wearing them and can just stick them on in 5 minutes.

Since then, I’ve been updating my knowledge (really love and recommend this book How to Look Expensive: A Beauty Editor’s Secrets to Getting Gorgeous without Breaking the Bank  P.s. it is really a beauty book without the clothes fashion element – and not as ‘silly’ as it sounds. ) and curating my beauty and make up products. I’ve also been trying to get in touch with current make up trends (a fresh way to the classic look – don’t want to look like my make up is stuck in the 90s).

To my surprise, it is less of an effort than expected.

I usually browse on Instagram or Pinterest for a look I like and then I just read how to do it. It takes less than one minute! Then I try it on myself – in a watered down way.

I actually feel better! I feel fresher in my looks and it gives me a confidence boost! It is also fun trying to be creative.

I felt like I leveled up in skills (like in those cell phone games – haha!).

With my new eyeshadow and liner technique.

All in all, I’m not advocating the use of make up or beauty products, so if you don’t feel the need to use them, I’m happy for you! I just feel the need of inspiration to look my best and not neglect my grooming. Everyone’s busy these days and let’s be honest here, it does take a focused effort to maintain your health and beauty and look your best.

And we really do need to update our looks. We cannot be doing the same thing as we did 10 years ago. You may look dated without even knowing it.

Grooming is a big part of being an elegant woman. It is good manners to look presentable always.

What are some of your favorite health and beauty inspiration? Do let me know what are your favorite books, make up artists, beauty products etc!

Hope you’re have a great JULY.



P.s. Here is a small picture of myself with my new upgraded make up skills. Haha!

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