Elegant Table Settings

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Visual Examples & Ideas

Having an elegant dinner party,
or hosting a tea party?

Here are some visual ideas of elegant table settings.

I collect my ideas in pictures and visuals. I take a pocket digital camera with me wherever I go
and snap every little thing that could be stored as an idea for later use.

Sometimes I come across a very cute figurine that can be used as a centerpiece, or
I might be inspired by the intertwined leaves on an iron gate, or by some decorative hanging
lanterns at a restaurant that I dine at.

I surf online for ideas, browse through friend’s photo albums or photographer’s portfolios too.

So I encourage you to build your own collection, meanwhile, feel free to have a look at mine!

Elegant Table Settings Idea: Indoor garden

I love how the crockery is in shades of green and brown to match the indoor plants setting.
Even the chairs are of green and brown. The table cloth has an elegant motif on it and blends
well with the theme colors. Little red plates act as accents.

elegant table settings in an "indoor" garden
Whimsical Indoor Garden Dinner Photo credit: Peter Long

It is amazing what a few pots of plans can do. I especially love the “hanging over your head” pots, which makes it feel like you are really in forest or something. What a wonderful dining experience that is easy to create (and easy on the pocket!)

Elegant Table Settings Idea: Yellow & Black – Very chic

elegant table settings 2
The very elegant use of black as a background color. Photo credit: Monica Benavidez

These table settings shine more brightly or stand out more because it is placed on a black background. The silver seems shinier, the yellow happier, and the ice cubes start to resemble diamonds.

Table Settings For Buffet

No one said you can’t make a buffet as elegant as a formal dinner! Here is how one bride made her buffet table setting impossibly elegant and chic.

elegant table settings 5
Elegant table settings for buffet. Photo credit: Tracy Hunter

If it is good enough for the president

It’s good enough for me.

elegant table settings 6
How A President Dines. Photo credit: KRSPO

About KRSPO / Luigi Crespo, creator and photographer of the above elegant table setting

This place setting is my own recreation of a place setting used by President Lincoln using my own family heirlooms and authentically-recreated White House china used during the administration of President Abraham Lincoln.

As background, Mary Todd Lincoln was renowned for her enjoyment of shopping, thus she selected the Lincoln White House china shortly after her husband’s inauguration.

An elegant French design, the Lincoln china combines the American eagle with various decorations in a brilliant color called “solferino”. This purple-red hue was invented by the French in 1859 and was very popular among the fashionable hosts of the Lincolns’ day.

President Barack Obama used this replica pieces during his inaugural luncheon on January 20, 2009. This particular set was created by the Woodmere China of New Castle, PA.

I made the place card in Old English round or Copperplate hand using authentic White House place cards gilded and embossed in gold.

Simple Elegance

Some whites, against browns, some candles, a bottle of wine and a bowl of fruits and flowers.

elegant table settings 6
A very achievable elegance for our dinner parties. Photo credit: tostie14

A Very Smart Elegant Table Setting

elegant table settings 8
Accents of black and pink adds the smartness to the settings Photo credit: Tracy Hunter

Elegant Table Setting for a Bridal Shower

Time to bring out the pinks!

elegant table settings 1
Photo credit: Tracy Huner

I love the jars of lemons. Basically I love a wide variety
of drinks and how beautifully it is being presented. Glasses of water, water goblets with orange juice, perhaps a
jar of coca cola, a jar of ice water, a water jug of punch, and maybe coffee and tea and champagne is lurking somewhere.

Elegant Table Setting

elegant table settings 10
Interesting round plates Photo credit: Tracy Hunter

Something easy and doable from your own home!

Thank you for reading “Elegant Table Decorations!”

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