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White Teeth For a Beautiful Elegant Smile


I’ve recently gotten my teeth whitened. And I’m extremely pleased with the results. I wish I had done it earlier!

There were two reasons why I had resisted.

1. When I was about 7, my dentist told me that I should never try those teeth whitening products because my teeth are naturally creamy. I remembered that vividly.

2. It was so expensive! It was about $2000 at the time I enquired three years ago.

Through a great deal that I had found on Groupon, I’ve managed to get my teeth whitened professionally at $350.

True enough, the teeth professionals weren’t able to get my teeth to a pure lightning white, but it was as close to the best white as I know I can naturally get.

Before this, I’ve also used teeth whitening products teeth whitening products and they work too though not at this level.

I feel more confident in my smile.

I’ll like to encourage all women to pay attention to their teeth because they don’t last if you don’t care for them. Buy a good toothbrush and toothpaste, floss, visit your dentist once in six months, avoid smoking, sugar and minimize foods and drinks that stains your teeth. Elegant women have beautiful white smiles!

I feel whatever I do to add to my own sense of elegance, it helps and it counts too.

Have a great day my friends. 🙂

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