Good Table Manners

good table manners
Just don’t do these things!

How to have good table manners – just don’t do these things!

good table manners
  • Eating with the mouth open
  • Making noises; slurping, chewing loudly, burping
  • Talking and gesticulating while eating
  • Putting too much into the mouth
  • Elbows on the table
  • Elbows stuck out in a flapping-like-a-chicken position
  • Holding the fork or knife in stabbing position
  • Hunching over the food like a dog
  • Eating too quickly (like there’s no tomorrow); and especially putting food in your mouth before you’re done with the previous mouthfull.
  • Clinking cutlery like stirring a tea spoon loudly
  • Don’t gesture with your cutlery
  • Don’t double dip
  • Overloading the plate
  • Making a mess at your table with bits of food and spills
  • Rocking your chair; getting up and sitting down noisily
  • Sticking your little pinky out when drinking your tea cup
  • Children should not leave the table without asking first
  • But they should not be left free to run around, play and annoy other patrons.

  • Do not leave the table when someone hasn’t finished eating
  • Don’t pick up dropped napkins, cutlery – ask for one.
  • If you have to polish your cutlery, please do it discreetly or unseen.
  • Do not put used cutlery back on the table.
  • Don’t take pictures of food or of the restaurant or the buffet.
  • I’m guilty of this, I do this sometimes especially when I want to blog about what I ate. I try to do this very discreetly and swiftly (if I absolutely had to).
    Also, photography is completely not allowed in traditional clubs.

  • Don’t use your fingers or clap or shout hey or wave at your waiter.
  • Don’t make a fuss.
  • Do not talk down or be rude to your waiter.
  • Do not gulp your drinks down.
  • Do not get drunk!
  • Do not adjust your plate or move the table settings around after it has been set
  • Do not reach over, ask for the plate to be passed to you.
  • Don’t blow your nose at the table.
  • Once, my friend’s brother got asked to leave an elegant restaurant in LA.

  • Stop looking at your phone every 15 minutes! Please put your phone and other devices away and leave them on silent.
  • Please do not touch up your make up at the table.
  • Do not be stingy with your tips, especially if good service was rendered.
Thank you for reading ‘Good Table Manners’!

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