Golf Rules Etiquette

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Be a Safe and Considerate Golfer

Every golfer, or beginner of golf will be given a golf rules book at some point.

It is advisable to read it, especially the section on etiquette.

First and foremost, remain safe.

Give consideration to other players when they are playing a round of golf.

Always remember to locate yourself in a position where you are safe

And never place yourself in a way that might endanger yourself being hit by a golf ball or might distract another player in your group from playing his/her best.

Watch your pace of play. Game of golf is always seemingly slow, taking 4-5 hours to complete your round.

Make sure 4 hours is an acceptable time. It gives players of all levels an opportunity to play the game.

Make sure that you are ready to play when it is your turn. Make sure that you move the game along, after we finish. So that the team behind us can quickly move up.

For instance, we don’t need to check our scores while we are on the green. We can do that later.

Golf rules etiquette requires that we take care of the golf course as we play it.

I.e. Leave it in a better condition than when you found it.

If we play from a bunker, we need to rake the bunker to remove footprints and any indication that we played a shot. If you play in the fairway and you mess up the grass, make sure you put the grass back or use the sand available. See that the blemish is repaired.

If each of us do these things, i think that the game will be better for everyone else.

Golf Rules Etiquette, Golf Course Etiquette

During The Game

Once people have tee-ed off, the person farthest from the hole is usually the person to go first to play

No one plays until all the balls are hit in order of their distance form the green

Don’t stand behind a player unless they have addressed the ball because you are a distraction.

Watch your shadow, in case it obstructs the ‘view’ of a player when hitting, or causes the ball to cross its line. Don’t stand in a place that causes your shadow to be cast across another player or that player’s putting line.

The ball is heading for the hole
The ball is heading for the hole but his friend’s shadow is in the way.
Keeps all shadows away from the golfer you are playing with.

Never walk through a playing partner’s putting line. Your footprints might alter the path of a partner’s putt. Step over the putting line, or walk around (behind) the partner’s ball.

Do not spend too much time looking for a lost ball because you might delay a group behind you ready to play.

You are allocated five minutes in the Golf rules book of golf to look for it but if you insist on doing so, let the group behind to play through.

If your pace is much slower than the group before you, also wave up the group behind you to play through.

Try your best not to waste time, because its not only your time that you might be wasting. For example, take more than one club with you from your cart to prevent returning repeatedly to try different clubs.

Be quiet when people are playing. Never talk during another player’s swing.

Its a gentleman’s game. It doesn’t require ra ra, cheer-leading on the green. Do not yell encouragement or congratulations. Even if it doesn’t bother your group, other people might be within ear shot.

Golf Rules Etiquette, Golf Course Etiquette

The Golf Course Etiquette

Keep carts away from greens and hazards.

Repair divots in the fairway as well as ball marks on the green.

Always erase your footprints in the sand bunkers.

if your ball has landed on the green, it has left a ball mark, a depression

Use a golf tool – repair tool to repair depression.

repair ball-mark golf tool
Picture Credit. Jeff Stuart, from Ball Mark Repair page from his blog
You fluff the ground around it and make it level and the hole disappears.

For videos on how to repair ball-marks and depressions, see below.

Golf Rules Etiquette, Golf Course Etiquette

Swinging & Your Club

Never swing your club until you know that everyone playing with you are at a safe distance.

Do not hit the ball until you ensure the safety of the group ahead of you, see the group ahead of you is out of range or at a safe distance.

If you see your ball heading for another group, give a warning yell “Fore!”

Never throw your clubs on the ground hastily or in frustration. It’s damages the green, dangerous and rude to golfers around you.

Golf Rules Etiquette, Golf Course Etiquette

Other Miscellaneous Tips

Don’t answer your cellphone!

Standing On the Green In Golf When putting, Stand in front of the person or behind the person. That way, you are out of the person’s peripheral vision, allowing them to concentrate on their put. Of course, be quiet when they are preparing to putt!

Be courteous to everyone around you.

Tip all the cart person, the bar tender, service helpers at the golf course well.

Golf Rules Etiquette, Golf Course Etiquette

Golf Etiquette Videos

Basic Golf Etiquette

In golf, playing at an appropriate speed, not answering the cell phone and repairing ball marks, are examples of good golf etiquette. Learn more about golf etiquette from a professional golf instructor in this free video about golfing.

Etiquette for Fixing the Ball Mark in Golf

Etiquette for Filling Divots in Golf

Golf Etiquette for Standing on the Green in Golf

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