HI everyone,

I’m trying to fix all the issues of the new site, so please bear with all the broken links. Elegantwoman is a very large site and many posts I’ve written were used with old technology (my previous editor couldn’t spell or grammar check) and also, there were many changes in Google on how they would like me to present content to you (they keep changing their minds!)

I had to link to other blogs (but what happens when they decide to shut down? Google does not let me know and I have a hundred broken links)

Then I had to put small images for quicker loading, no now, large images are recommended! People are hungry for images! And then I had to upgrade so that it will load fast etc.

They also had to be very secure https, then of course mobile friendly

Then they had to be integrated with social media blah blah

Then html to wordpress to all sorts of systems, I feel like fainting from thinking about all the changes I’ve made to keep this site.

I must admit I was very overwhelmed, just to be able to put my ideas and thoughts on this site.

I’m also testing on a way to keep in touch so that I can also SEND YOU newsletters and archive them here on my site. I also wanted a space where I can write freely and not have to worry about images, and display, and precise language because this is my little space of freedom!

So, this is my first test. Probably no one will read this because I’m not going to send it out. This has to exist so that I can create this category. 🙂

Anyhoo, speak soon!

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