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The first installment of your Fascinating Womanhood course will arrive in your E-mail a few days (3-5 business days) after this Welcome message (if you have enrolled), so get ready!


1. Get the Fascinating Womanhood textbook, from a bookstore near you.

Some ladies go through the course without the textbook, then get it later. Though it is HIGHLY recommended to do the readings to get the maximum benefit of the course.

Don’t worry if your book arrives late, you can always catch up on readings later.

The course material will be accessible to you for a long time (save those emails), just login and go through the material once again.

2. Set aside 20 minutes a day for reading (recommended) or 2 hours each week

Commit this to your schedule to gain maximum effectiveness.

3. Get yourself into a positive mindset

Some women struggle with many issues brought up by the course. Don’t worry and never let learning intimidate you. We are not in a race for change. Focus on each area, and make it better, one baby step at a time. Take as long as you want.

4. Look out for the first installment Week One in your email, which will arrive approximately 3-5 business days after paypal sends you to “Thank You for enrolling in the Fascinating Womanhood E-course” message.

5. Use that special link and password to get started on the course and communicate exclusively with me or your Fascinating Womanhood facilitator.

Fascinating Womanhood Course Outline

This is the course schedule of topics, readings and assignments that we will be going through each week.

Please note that the numbers in brackets are chapters.

First Week

(1) Celestial Love

(2) The Ideal Woman

Second Week – Understanding Men

(3) Accept Him

(4) Appreciate Him

(5) Admire Him

(6) Make Him Number One

Third Week – Roles in Marriage

(7) Masculine & Feminine Roles,

(8) The Guide or Leader

(9) The Protector

(10) The Provider

(11) Family Finances

Fourth Week – Understanding Men Two

(12) Masculine Pride

(13) Sympathetic Understanding

(14) Pandora’s Box

Fifth Week – Your Best Self

(18) Feminine Appearance

(19) Feminine Manner

(20) Feminine Nature

Sixth Week

(24) Childlike Anger

(25) When He is angry

(26) How to ask for things, more childlike ways

Summary of the Course

There is no doubt a lot of material covered in the book and the course. Due to time limitations, not all chapters of the textbook are covered in the course. However, you are highly enouraged to do your own study on the chapters that are not covered in the course.

Eunice’s Comments:

This course changed my life! Also know that this course is meant to encourage you and give you a “fishing rod” so you are able to fish all your life and provide a wonderful life for yourself, husband and family! I’ve the designed the course for you to have access to the materials for a long time, allowing you to go through it again and again, long after the e-course has ended. We are not perfect and never will be but the journey to refine ourselves is a fulfilling one and makes life pleasant. Go be amazing!

Review the Objectives of Fascinating Womanhood Course.

If you are excited and would like to get started,

Start reading Chapters 1 & 2

Objectives of the First Week

  1. Celestial love: To realize a woman’s great need for love and what she must do to attain it.
  2. The Ideal Woman, From a Man’s Point of View: To discover the ideal woman from a man’s point of view, the kind that awakens a man’s feelings of love and tenderness.
  3. To realize what it means to accept our husbands for the men they are and appreciate his better side.
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