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Elegant Letters, Issue #33 The importance of good schools

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Hello everyone!

I was having a hard time deciding about what to feature in elegantwoman.org’s newsletter. I hope to give everyone as much value as possible (even though this is a complimentary newsletter).

You see, I’ve covered the basics like basic etiquette, personal grooming, dining elegantly, art of conversation, elegant dressing. I’ve also talked a little about what makes a woman elegant, what exactly is class … all of this could be found in the pages on elegant woman and the back issues of Elegant letters. (See right at the bottom of the newsletter for back issues).

I decided to start to work on the not-so-easy stuff such as the importance of schools, environment, language, accents etc. Initially, I’ve hesitated. That’s because it requires quite alot of work on my end, and it may be boring for a lot of you – who may be here just for a little inspiration. This is serious work, if you want to change your paths towards a better one. They are not going to be simply ‘feel good’ articles. Also, it might require me to say some not so politically correct things, that might be offensive to some of you. I try very much to say the truth, or least be truthful in my opinions.

Of course from time to time, I will talk about little things that make the difference, such as my recent experience with teeth whitening!
White Teeth For a Beautiful Elegant Smile

So I just thought I’ll let you know that this issue is going to be one of those.

Hope you find something useful from it.

Elegant Lesson #33 – Importance of Schools

I was recently inspired to research schools and education following a programme I watched on a plane about 2 years ago. The program was called
Britain’s Youngest Boarders. It was about prep school children.

A preparatory school or, prep school for short, is an independent school preparing children up to the age of 11 or 13 for entry into fee-paying secondary independent schools – mostly practiced in the UK.

Why I was curious is because – many outstanding leaders in business and society … went to prep schools.

Prep schools were also “symbols of a gentleman’s education” and thus prep school children almost seamlessly entered top universities like Oxford and Cambridge. In my previous newsletters, I also talked about the documentary The Up Series – which saw many privileged boys going to prep school, then to prestigious universities and became movers and shakers of society.

In short, I wanted to find out what can we learn from prep school that we can use in our education of ourselves and our families?

History of Prep Schools

I’ve read too many accounts of people who talked about their prep schools over the last 20-50 years. I shan’t bore you with the details, but it seems to me that most didn’t enjoy it.

“These arrangements suited nouveau riche parents who sought a gentlemanly education for their sons..”

‘When a Lancashire merchant or manufacturer sends his sons away from home, he desires as often as not to send them a long way off, partly that they may lose their northern tongue, partly that they may form new acquaintances, and be quite away from home influences’

Prep School Children: A Class Apart over Two Centuries

Are prep schools recommended? You’ll have to decide, but I feel most prep school candidates are too young to be separated from their parents for long periods of time.

Take Away From Prep Schools

Good schools are important

If you are selecting a school, or is sending your child to one, do your homework and try to select the best school in your area. Just like the Lancashire merchant or manufacturer who can now afford to send his children to prep schools, it is about choosing the environment you or your child will be in …perhaps changing paths onto a better one.


In a good school, there may be more opportunities to learn the important stuff – like being classically educated. Perhaps, there is a greater budget for arts, music, sports or astronomy programs. There will be more exposure to them as well.

The people you meet influences you and shapes your thinking more than you realize. If you have more opportunities to meet people who are international, who comes from all sorts of backgrounds, you’ll be more educated in different cultures. You might even think bigger!

If everyone around you is determined to be successful and values doing their best, perhaps, a certain sense of healthy pressure may help stretch your own potential too.

In a way, it will be easier to achieve all the concepts and requirements I’ve written about on these pages (and this page too) and in my book!

Thanks for reading!

P.s. I tweet randomly about what’s happening in my life on twitter (which may not be related to elegance) and Facebook. While I’m busy reading, researching, planning and writing pages on elegantwoman.org, I occasionally blog.

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