Elegant Letters, Issue #34 Learning to entertain elegantly

Learning to Entertain Elegantly

High Tea - Tea Pot Theme

In this issue, we’re going to learn some basics of
entertaining elegantly. For some of you, you may already be naturals, perhaps growing up with a family who entertains a lot. For others, it is a daunting task.

There are many benefits of entertaining, and when you do it well and elegantly, you’ll just be closer to becoming the gracious host and elegant woman you want to be. Being an elegant host also develops social ease.

By learning to entertain, you can increase your social networks, repay favours, leverage your time…it may even be motivation for you to tidy up the house or
redecorate the house!

Never entertained before?

Now, if you are completely new to entertaining, start small and easy. Don’t fall into the trap of being overambitious! Then slowly grow your confidence by increasing the numbers.

For instance, start with throwing a small tea party for 3 girlfriends and yourself. All you need are some tea, hot water and pastries from your local bakery. It would be nice if you could serve in tea cups (not mugs) and add some flowers in a vase (or glass) in the middle of the table.

Heerlijke high tea met huisgemaakte gerechten
It looks like a party for 10, but you could do it like this with less food for four people.

You could also set the table as pretty as you can. You could take the table out in the garden or set it as near as possible to a window. Or maybe your lounge room is a nice place.

The Humble Tea Party

That’s really all you need. It is easy to get overwhelmed if you’re not a pro. So I’ll suggest you try this anyway, and the more you do it, preparations and hosting will feel seamless. When you gain more confidence, you’ll be able to add more elegant touches.

The idea is to get comfortable with basics

In this small exercise, you’ll learn to

  • Send out invitations – even if it is through the phone, whatsapp or Facebook.
  • handle rsvps
  • how to schedule
  • not be offended by people who don’t show up (and how to deal with them later)
  • how to set a table (and decorate eventually).
  • how to host…(keep the teapots full and how to let everybody have a great time)
  • and lots more….
  • You can read about
    how to host a tea party, but remember don’t get overwhelmed. If reading about it makes your thoughts go into overdrive thinking there are 1001 things to do, stop, and just follow the general guide above. You’ll figure things out. Otherwise, you’ll gain a greater understanding when you read the entertaining pages on elegantwoman.org again.

    Once you’ve mastered the tea party, you may move on to other bigger challenges, for instance, a dinner party at your home (with catered food for starters), then to cooking your own food, to a luncheon, a cocktail party etc.

    See the entire list of
    elegant parties here (and how to host them).

    You may eventually host your company’s annual gala, a wedding or even a
    charity benefit!

    Here are some

    fun ideas for tea party variations.

    Start now and you’ll be ready to host a full-blown Christmas party at the end of the year!

    Thanks for reading!

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