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Elegant Letters, Issue #20 Two Elegant Traits – Heart for Others and Master of Introductions

‘He’s a gentleman,’ wrote George Bernard Shaw about Henry Higgins in his preface to Pygmalion, ‘Just look at his boots.’

Good afternoon to you all! I hope that all is well with your family and friends.

Thank you to all who wrote back in response to my previous issue of “Elegant Letters” – your encouragement has lifted up my spirits. I believe I wrote back to almost all, with some I starred in my gmail reminding myself to write back soon!

On Serving Others; Trait of Elegance

I started serving in my church in the children’s ministry section
because I wanted to practice ‘living outside my own world’ as a principle of elegance.

And I’m glad to report that I survived my first session! The two year-olds were adorable and energetic though I’ll admit that I don’t feel very elegant when I play with them. I feel like one of them!

However, I still believe it is important to speak well, be well-mannered and be well-dressed at all times because they watch us like a hawk. I’ve also stated my beliefs in the importance of having art and music in the home and giving children lovely things to play with as stated in my second book, Becoming a Woman of the Finest Class and on this page
on Refinement.

I enjoy reading and studying little children and look forward to my own. Hopefully by then, I can increase more stories of
Elegant motherhood. If any of you remember something in your childhood or in your mother that inspired you to elegance, please email me about it!

Do You Know How To Introduce Someone?

Used with permission

At any point in your life, you’ll bound to be faced with an situation where you have to introduce someone to a bunch of friends. This happens more often than we think, especially when we throw a birthday party, attend an office Christmas lunch or when you are at a business networking meeting.

Often, your success as an elegant hostess is dependent on whether people enjoying themselves. You can create an elegant atmosphere and provide good food, but if people are uncomfortable – they’re not going to enjoy themselves.

If you can help your guests get off to a great start, conversations will flow better and your party will have a higher chance of being a great success. That is how learning the art of the introduction comes in.

Thankfully, the guidelines are few and easy to remember. It also helps if you can connect what both parties might have in common or be interested in. Read my latest write up about
the art of introduction here.

What’s Coming Up

I found myself studying The Art of the Table and I will soon write about it. (As it is, I’m staring at a half written page full of html code).

I know I have many things left unfinished on elegantwoman.org and would love to get them all sorted by tomorrow if I can. Unfortunately, these things take a lot of time. I hope one day I can just concentrate on writing and research! And thank you to those who have pointed out my mountainous typing errors, spelling and grammatical errors – I am well aware. Since then I have brushed up my English skills but it still takes up a lot of time to go back and edit them. Hopefully I can finish all 400 pages next year.

Thank you once again for your support (and patience with me), they are greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading! Lots of


P.s. I promise to be active on twitter and Facebook
(and writing more pages for elegantwoman.org) and slightly less on blog or have joined elegantwoman.org’s Facebook page

Thank you for reading ‘Elegant Letters Issue 20’!

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